Monday, January 28, 2013

Dark of Winter

  I looked out the window this morning at 7:00 am and I could not see the river. I live about 150 feet from it, there is a street and a park between me and the Mississippi River. The fog was heavy and you could see it starting to lift. It was like a heavy smoke creeping  up from the  water. A little latter I walked Sissy through the park on my way to open the Antique Mall, I could not see them, but I could hear American Bald Eagles talking as they managed there way through the fog. It was a sound I hear often, living on the river, especially this time of year. It is kinda  surreal, almost movie like. There sounds are loud and very mysterious. I am lucky to live here on the river among these creatures. To see them sore is amazing and to hear them speak is magical. I wish  I had a way to record them.The river was like a poem today. I enjoyed it very much!

  Winter is always so dark. Sunshine days are few and far between. The streets and side walks seem to be dirty and the gardens and trees are so lifeless. I love the snow and even ice can be beautiful. We get it and for a few moments it is clean and sparkles.But, when it melts and after the  salt trucks and snow plows, it always seems so dirty. It is on days like this, that I long for winter to be over and  for the new life of spring  to appear. I guess I have a little longer to wait.. I did notice that a brave jonquil had already peaked it's tiny head out of the earth. I said hello and put a few leaves atop it to protect it. Nature is amazing and seems to know when to do what. Just think, not too long from now we will be seeing the gardens and sides of the roads come alive. I for one ,can hardly wait.The bright yellow of the jonquils and the  pinks of apple blossoms. Come on spring!!!
   Hope you enjoy the pictures, I am afraid the fog does not show as much as I'd like it to. It is one thing that is hard to take a picture of. Hope you all are having a great winter day. I know the sun is shining some where. Come anytime for a tour. I'll leave the lights on and Sissy dog will be more than glad to walk with ya through the park.


Divine Theatre said...

It is still so beautiful, my friend! What I wouldn't GIVE to see and hear the eagles!
On foggy days, when I cannot see the neighbor's houses and cars, I like to pretend we live in the middle of the forest...surrounded by trees and animals!
Grace and I will come to see you this Spring! I hope you don't mind if we bring Napoleon and Tallulah to play with beautiful Sissy!


Kisses to Sissy Girl...



Oh my darling friend, such beautiful images!! You are going to have a visit, I see...and with furry friends too for dear Sissy Dog. Have a wonderful week and lots of hugs.

Deanna said...

Sweet Blessings to you. I am more than ready for Spring. We have a few crocuses popping through the ground. Skies are blue today with temps being at 72!!!
That's more like it.

God bless,

Curtains in My Tree said...

I can't believe this weather, each year it gets a little more weird than last year.
I love fog but there is always so many wrecks on I-70 when it's foggy

It's pass 70 degrees over here today.
I think your pictures are wonderful.
I like the picture of the street where the church is up the hill
I love your little river town

Pearl said...

We too are fighting the doldrums of winter and are waiting for all to wake up. In the meantime I am watching the hawks in our canyon fly down and swoop up the critters that hide in there holes in the ground. And that's always fun to see how awesome these birds fly. No sunshine here yet either but before we know it spring will have sprung like it always does. Hugs Pearl

Pamela Gordon said...

Richard you should have been here the past few weeks. It's been sunny almost every day. The only thing is it's been very cold with temperatures and windchills in the minus double digits celsius and fahrenheit. I think you may have been cold. I can understand the gloom there though. The dampness would chill one as well. I like your photos and the long shots of the street are great. I hope the sun shines soon for you. Pamela

Lottie said...

Dear Richard,
What a beautiful post! I love your view of the river and especially the description of the fog like smoke creeping up from the water! Thank you for all the photos of your beautiful town on this cold January day. I used to think of the gloom of a winter day until a friend reminded me to look for beauty everywhere. You certainly showed it to me with your post of the fog. Thank you!

Please give Sissy Dog a hug from me!

Sissysmom said...

I miss the fog. We very seldom see any here in Phoenix. This weekend was a little gloomy, since it rained all day Saturday (I didn't leave the house!). But today we were back to sunshine as usual.

You are so lucky to live by the river and experience it through all the four seasons! Be happy...spring is right around the bend!! Give Sissy dog a pat on the head from me!


Divine Theatre said...

I came to see how my beautiful Sissy is feeling today?
Give her kisses from our house!



Babs said...

The weather has been cold-ish, then warm and we're expecting bad thunderstorms and wind tomorrow. A couple of mornings we had fog too. I think we all so so much better when the sun shines. Thanks for sharing the foggy photos. :)
Wishing you sunshine soon.

Pat said...

I really expected snow this morning!

We decided we can look out the window and get a better idea. We knew the storm was on the east of Lincoln Co and headed into IL by the time the TV showed the warning for Lincoln Co, yesterday.

Just wanted to let you know, I gave you a little shout out at the Back Porch this morning.:-)

mississippi artist said...

I would never get anything done around there-I would be watching the river all day. I never thought about eagles "talking"-how interesting.

Rhissanna said...

Lovely fog! Just like England. How I miss it. Thank you for the photos, Richard. Made me feel quite at home!

Rhissanna said...
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