Friday, February 22, 2013

Unwanted Gift!

Started snowing at 11:00 am

   Well, ever get a gift and ask, why would some one give me that??? That's what happened to me yesterday.  10 inches of snow with a thin covering of ice on top. It started out with all the weather reports saying it was coming. Then on Facebook friends would say, It's snowing here and I would say not here. Then in about an hour it started. And boy did it ever come down. I could hardly see the river across the street from my shop. We got it all, 10 inches in just a few hours. When I walked home, poor Sissy was in over her head. Then latter when we went out for the last bath room walk, poor little short girl, was over whelmed. There was a thin coating of ice on top the 10 inches of snow. When we walked it went crunch, crunch. Sissy just was beside herself and looked at me as to say, what am I  to do. Well after a trip or two around the yard, snow up to my knees and over Sissy's head, we gave up. I warned her, I wanted no tear drops on the rugs. She was  good, at least I never  felt anything warm on my sock feet. When we came to work this morning, we were forced to walk down the middle of the street, they had been cleaned by our road people. Thanks to them it wasn't at all bad.
    The sun has been shining today and is above freezing, so some of it has started to melt. I guess when the  it gets colder tonight it will freeze again. What happened to the Ground Hog? I thought he said we were to have an early spring? Maybe we should have ground hog season ?.I just worry about all the jonquils that were popping up all over the garden. I guess under a snow blanket, they will be fine. I sure hope so,
    It was beautiful, I love a fresh fallen snow.Last night when Sissy and I  went out, it just glistened like diamonds, with the ice on top. But we soon took care of that ,as we plowed our way through. Maybe this will be Mother Natures last gift. I sure hope so, cause even though we have had a mild winter, I for one, have had enough. Come one spring and warm weather. I long for the flowers, spring is my favorite. I can smell the lilac as I type.
   You all come visit me any time. I will leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will always meet you with a jump and a kiss. The walks are clean and so is the parking lot.Be safe and be warm and pray for spring and pretty flowers. Richard

Middle afternoon, river is beyond the sign and gazebo roof, where did it go!

10 inches when I went home at 5:00.