Saturday, May 21, 2011

Landmarks Association of St.Louis, tour, My Old Historic House.


Mayor Joanne Smiley.

Here they come!

   Saturday May 21, 2011, was a beautiful day in Clarksville,Mo. There was a prediction of rain, but we missed it. The sun was shining, there was a nice breeze, it was just simply beautiful.A big bus tour  of 50 people  had made reservations to take a tour of ,My Old Historic House, so I was all cleaned up, yard work done, roses in bloom, lights on, piano player at the piano, the Mayor was here,  all was ready and here came the bus.
   The group was from St.Louis, about 70 miles away. They were from the St.Louis Landmarks Association. I was really thrilled that such a group was coming, so I went all out to make it nice. The Mayor of our little town meet them with a welcome   and maps to all our  towns attractions. I handed out a little information about the Elgin Family ,(Hazekiah Elgin built my house in 1845).  My friend Ms. Judy started playing the piano, I opened the doors and welcomed all 50 to take a tour and look around. Up stairs I had a special treat for all of them, my niece in her Antebellum custom, was there to answer questions and say hello. Some of the ladies stopped to sing  along with the piano. They were at the house about an hour and off they went to have lunch.

Ms. Judy at the piano.

   Sometimes it is such a big let down on days like this. I had worked for days cleaning the house and getting the yard perfect,Rounded up a piano player and asked the Mayor to make a speech. Worked for hours typing, printing and putting the history together and it all seemed to just be over in a flash. Did they have a good time? I don't know. Did they love it? I don't know. Did they even appreciate it? I don't know. All I can say was, I did my best, and   my best,was all I could do.
   But I hope you will enjoy the tour. I have left the lights on for you. The piano  player and my sweet dressed up Niece is gone. Let me know when you are coming and I will get them back. Sissy Dog will always  meet you at the door with a jump and a kiss.

My niece and her grand daughter. The train was coming so she covered her ears.

Sing a long!
The man in the yellow hat really did like the house and he asked questions and made nice comments.

    Some times when you are just in the right mood and  spirit, and you peak into a mirror, do you  ever  see something or someone and wonder who or why??? I often do. These spirits, (perhaps this one is  ,Elizabeth MtJoy Elgin), are just  there for a while, and then they are gone.  Don't you wonder why? Perhaps they are trying to tell us something? I know they are not bad, I do not mind having them around.  I realize, I am only in My house for  awhile and before that, there  were many others.  Are they,Spirits of the past?

How Sweet the Sound