Thursday, May 31, 2012

Almost Done, Ready, Maybe, I Hope So!

     I am planning on a soft opening of my new antique mall this Saturday, June 2nd. I have one dealer who has not moved in, I have part of my stuff in and the rest is at the old shop across the street. That is a long story, for another day. The new mall is clean, neat and full of fun and wonderful treasures. I am waiting for the new outside sign, I hope it will arrive today or tomorrow. June 1st was the order date for it's delivery. I am excited to see it go up there. The phone is getting moved tomorrow and Saturday at 10:00, I will officially open the doors to the public for the first time. I hope some of you can come see me and Sissy and the new mall soon. We will always leave the lights on and you are always welcome. Come set a spell, take your shoes off ,and please, please, spend some money shopping. I promise to get pictures and more of a real story soon. It has been a long haul but is almost there. Love and best wishes from My Blog to Yours. Richard