Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PINK !!!!!!


The belly of the Conk Shell, found in a French Wire Plant Stand on my Side Porch.Sometimes the most purest colors come from Nature.

A group of Surprise Lilies  in my side yard. They come up in the spring with green leaves, the leaves die and surprise, in August you get these stems full of the most wonderful pink lilies. 

Fairy Pink Roses, bloom all season. 

Part of a French Chamber set, this pot is the most lucious pink I have.

Pink Italian beaded chandelier in my pink Guest bath.
      Shall we start with a simple Art lesson? There are three primary colors, Red, Blue and Yellow. From these three colors, plus white, the absence of all color, and Black, the presence of all color, all other colors are made. If one adds white to a color it becomes a Tint  of the former color. If you add black to a color, it becomes a Shade  of the original colors. PINK is a mixture of Red and White. Adding more White makes it a lighter tint. There are all tints and shades of Pink. Other primary and secondary colors can be added to Pink to make it a different shade. Adding a little blue, changes pink to more on the purple side. Adding Black makes Pink a little on the gray side. Yellow changes pink to be a little, what we call Peach. Endless combinations are possible and I am sure that is why  some paint company many years ago invented a machine to figure this all out.
   Pink is sometimes referred to as,"the color of love." The use of the word, "Pink," for the color known today as, "Pink," was first recorded in the late 17th century. Although Pink is roughly considered just a Tint  of Red, the fact most variations of Pink lie between Red, White and Magenta.Roseus is a Latin word meaning,"Rosy," or,"Pink." Lucretius used the word Pink to describe the dawn in his poem,"On the nature of things." The word is often used in the binomial names of several species, such as Rosy Starling. .In most Indo-European- languages, the color Pink is called Rosa.
     The color Pink is named after the flowers called,"PINKS." A flowering plant in the Dianthus family. The name derives from the frilled edge of the flowers. The verb,"to pink," dates from the 4th century. In German the word for Pink is Peck.

One of a Pair of French Old Paris Fan Vases. Only the French can do Pink like This.

Walnut Etergee in Down River Parlor full of English Pink Bristol. When Pink was my favorite color, I once took one of these vases to Home Depot to have the color matched by there computer, for paint for my parlor walls.

Italian Flower Pot with Matching Stand. Those Italians!

One of many pink Bristol pieces.

English Stroke on Trent Hand Painted Vase lives on the pier mirror in the entrance hall.

English Cased Glass Brides basket, from the Up River Parlor Center of the Room table. The pink is electric. 

    In Western Culture, the practice of assigning Pink to individual gender began in 1890's. At first pink was for boys. The reason, Pink, being a more decided and stronger color and more suitable for boys. At that time, Blue was the color for girls.In 1920's. the society norm was inverted, Pink became considered appropriate for Girls and then Blue was assigned to Boys. This practice has continued through the 21st century. Pink has become a Feminist color-a pink ribbon is the international symbol of breast cancer awareness.
   The phrase,"Pink-collar-workers," refers,  in the West, to persons working in fields or jobs regarded as women's work.

   Pink has often been used in the movie industry. Movies like,Pretty in Pink,Pink Cadillac, Pink Ladies in the movie ,Grease and Pink Moon. Pink has also been found in many song titles. Pink Friday, Pink House, Pink, Under the Pink, Pink Moon and Pink Cadillac.The 21st century even brought a Pop signer known by her first name, "Pink."
   Pink used to be my favorite color. Somehow I have left Pink, for a new love affair with Red. In some ways they are almost the same. I still love Pink, it is every where around me, in Nature and in the things I love, in my home. I was so surprised when I started this journey to find so much Pink in my life. I am sure a lot has to do with the fact  that it used to be my favorite. Pink is a easy color to live with. It always makes me smile. Sissy Dog even has a Pink belly (with black freckles). I can never get enough of her belly. I rub it and she goes on her back and feet in the air, saying come on Daddy,rub,rub,rub.
    I was asked by another Blogger, "How Sweet The Sound", to do a Pink Post this week. So here it is, in all it's PINKNESS. I hope you enjoyed my pink Journey. Please come by anytime for a real tour and I will always be glad to show you personally all the pinks in my life. Except, Sissy's Belly, I want to save that just for me. I will leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will always meet you with a jump and a big Pink kiss.
    HAVE A PINK DAY!!!!!

English Sterling and Bristol Pink Epergene, Up River Parlor, side table.

English Needlepoint Face Screen on Stand, with Meisen Nude at base. Pink roses in her hair. 

Another English Art Glass Brides Basket.

Hand Painted Pink Asters on a pair of Limoge Vases, Up River Parlor mantle. 
Hand Painted Britches on a Meissen Statue.

I have a lot of these English Peach Blow Bobechets scattered about the house.

 Hand Painted Limoge plate with a Lady in a Pink Dress. Up River Parlor.

Ralph Lauren Vintage inspired wallpaper, Blue Bed Room Closet.

Needlepoint Chair Seat, made by Me, Blue bed room.

Hand Painted Ginger Jar, Guest Bath.YUMMY!

French Zubber Hand Printed Wallpaper Boarder, Blue Bed room.

Pink Spirera in the Front Garden

Pink Plaid Silk on Child's Chair, Down River Parlor.

A very fancy French Limoge Plate. See the lady all dressed up in her finery and she is fishing?

A Shadow box Framed Bridal Head Piece made from Fish Scales, 

 Pink Italian Marble floor in my Guest Bath

French Automaton Doll in Pink Dress

French Zubber wallpaper in the purple bed room.

French Zubber Hand Printed Wallpaper Boarder in Purple Bed room with pink roses.

Pink Scalamandre Silk Trim, Purple Bed Room Curtains.

This is an example of how the man was dressed in pink and the lady in blue. This was a 19th century ideal. 

This is the baseboard going up my Stairs, I marblized it to match the pink marble floor in the bath room above. 

My favorite Summer Drink. Crystal Light, Strawberry-Orange-Banana. Just add water and stir. Almost is a desert. Come have a big glass with ice with me on my porch. You are Always  welcome!