Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not a Butlers Pantry, But will have to do!

Dish Pantry in dining room with door closed.

Surprise, look what's inside.

   All my life, I have dreamed of having a home with a Butlers Pantry. Don't ask me why? I guess cause I am  sick in the head! I don't think it is a lot to ask.But then, I guess it is, as I never have found a house that I could afford with a Butlers Pantry.  I see them on movie sets and in houses that I tour. I worked for a Lady in St.Louis, who lived in a old mansion that had a great Butlers Pantry. I cooked for her and served  for parties. I took over that pantry like it was mine. I could have lived there and been happy. It was huge and had a silver closet inside it. There was a big porcelain  sink, dish washer and broom closet, A center island for serving. Heaven,  that pantry might be as close as I will get to Heaven.

Cut glass vases for flower arrangements.

Ice cream set.

French Lovers, in the closet?!

German Berry Set. My Father found this many years ago and when he wasn't looking, I snatched  it.He never missed it. Bad Child!

     I came close once to having a pantry,  with a wonderful old house that I had in St.Louis. There was a small pantry between the dining room and the kitchen. It was kind of a hall way. One wall had built in cabinets with glass doors at the top, a space and wood doors at the bottom. I had all my dishes and glass ware, all arranged in there, real pretty like. I painted the inside pink, of course. When I moved to Long Island New York, a Hampton's town called Sag Harbor, I rented the first floor of and old Victorian mansion. There was a pantry off the kitchen, more like a pantry one would store food in. But, I made it into a dish pantry. When I bought, My Old Historic House, there was a closet in the dining room. At one time, in 1845, when the house was first built, it was used as a stage coach inn and the dining room at that time was a bed room that was rented. I guess that is why there was a closet. It is not big, about 4 foot wide and 18 inches deep. Well I added shelves, wallpaper, and oh yes, gold gilt trim ,and made it into a some what Butlers Pantry. And for now I guess it will have to do!

English Sterling Egg Codle

   The wallpaper I chose, is a French Toile. It is real pale green and has darker green design. And yes, there are Cherubs in the design. I wallpapered the walls and ceiling and the shelves all the way around. I finished the shelves off with a wood trim that I hand gold leaved. I also used the same gold trim to make a plate rack, by nailing the trim to the shelves, about 1 inch from the back.
    It really is handy to put all the china and crystal, right there in the dining room, where it is needed. I keep the door closed and when I give tours, I talk about the house being an inn and that there is a closet in almost every room, and I say, you can open the one in here and see. People are so surprised to see all the dishes and pretty stuff inside.
   I hope you enjoy my dish pantry, that I want to be a Butlers Pantry. I wish you could come by some time soon for a tour. I will leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will meet you with a jump and a kiss. Heck, we might even get some of those dishes out and have a mess of something to eat.

Gold leaf trim.

Cherubs on the wallpaper.

My Nieman Marcus desert plates with cherubs, that I use for parties.

Another view of the wallpaper.

 I found this old spoon rack at a yard sale for $3.00. Makes a good place to store and display all my serving pieces.

See the spoon rack on the back of the door. Handy, don't you think?

Love these English platters.

This old pressed glass compote has a hand pedestal.

Spring continues here in Missouri,as  my Southern Magnolias are in full bloom. I worried  so  much about them, as we had such a hard winter. But they are alive and doing well. 

These two magnolia trees were a Second Year Birthday gift to, My Old Historic House. I closed on the house, March 5th, and every year in March, the house gets a Birthday present. They were 5 foot tall, that was 2007. Now they are 11 feet tall. My favorite tree in all the world.