Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Art Chair Project.

This is the chair I did. I chose to wallpaper it with paper from the entrance hall at, My Old Historic House.I felt it would represent the museum best that way.

The 1845 Historic Elgin/Cottrell House Museum, aka, My Old Historic House.

  My blog, My Old Historic House, is all about my home, the 1845 Historic Elgin/Cottrell House Museum. It is an adventure that I have been on since 2006. I started the blog adventure late 2010. Mostly it is about the old historic house,but often I include home town events and shopping experience. Today's blog is a Home Town Event. I live in Clarksville,Mo.It is a small historic town on the banks of the Mississippi River. We have 490 citizens, give or take. It is a tight knit community where every body knows your name. A few years back a couple of of more concerned and energetic citizens worked hard to re- build most of our historic riverfront buildings. Part of there plan was to encourage artist to come live and work here in Clarksville. It worked and today we have a strong group of artist who make Clarksville there home and they all have studios and shops in the historic buildings. The artist work hard and have formed a guild to help promote the Arts and Clarksville. One event they have twice a year is, "50 Miles Of Art." You see there are 3 towns on this river that all have a strong art population. Clarksville, Louisiana and Hannibal. There is 50 miles between the three towns. So this celebration of art was born. This weekend is the Spring Art Studio Tour. All the shop owners have worked hard to do window displays, re- stock,put on demos and send out notices. Along with the event this year, the artist have come up with a special art project. I have dubbed it, "The Art Chair Project".We have a new artist, of which we are very proud. She and her husband have bought a church here in town. The membership was off, and the church had closed. We were all concerned about the building. But, it is in good hands now. Mary, the new artist, had a brainstorm of an art ideal. In the church was a group of chairs. She gave one to each artist and asked them to paint, decorate or create a design that represented there studio. I was luckily included. I wallpapered my chair, with paper from the Elgin/Cottrell House. The chairs are all on display this weekend in front of each shop or studio. The chairs are offered for sale, and the money will go toward advertisement. We had a beautiful day yesterday. The sun was shining and there was a gentle breeze. People came from far and near to view the art. People were happily surprised to seek out the chairs all about of town.

This chair was hand painted and beaded by our own DiAnne. She is a Drum Painter by trade. This chair was designed after a Native American Rug weaving. Love the beads.

This chair was by our ceramic artist. It has hand made ceramic decorations.

This is for Clarksville Sun Flower Days. made by Trish at Clarksville Glass Works.

    The chairs are of many media and designs. Some were embellished with hand made ceramic ornaments. Others had had beading. One was wrapped with wild grape vines and decorated with Sun Flowers. You see, the Art Guild also has a sun flower festival.One chair had a skirt, mine was wallpapered,one was painted  with a Eagle.( Clarksville has Eagle Days in January, where people come to watch the nations bird fish in the Mississippi.)One chair  was purple and had a child's theme and  came with small decorative note books. All in all the chairs were a special delight and a big hit to the Studio Tour.

This one from  Cool Beans Coffee Shop.

Bent Tree gallery

Mary ,our newest artist

    I am sharing the chairs with you all today. I only wish you could be here in person to see the town, studios, shops and tour, My Old Historic House. The house was open yesterday and many people came and had a tour. We are at it again today. I hope we have lots and lots of tourist and people buy all the chairs. I know there are people with they eyes on several. Come soon and have a visit. We will all leave the lights on. Almost every studio or shop has a dog. So like Sissy Dog, they will all meet you with a jump and a kiss. In the mean time, Support The Arts. With out them, life could be rather beige.

Another Mary Original

DiAnne made two chairs for her gallery, Earth's Heart Beat. Old Yellow looking out.

Caron from the Windsor Chair Shop.