Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A New Beginning

Earlier this month I lost my best friend and love of my life, Sissy Dog the Beagle. I found her on the road here in my home town of Clarksville,Mo. For 6 years she had been by my side and I loved her so very much. She was the bestest little girl anyone could ever hope for. Not to have forgotten her already, but in her honor, I HAVE FOUND MYSELF A NEW FRIEND.

His name is Buddy Boy. I have had a lot of Beagles in my life, but never a little boy. We'll see how this adventure turns out.
The death of a pet is disenfranchised grief. It's a loss whose significance others don't recognize. You're not supposed to lose it from the death of your dog. You post a sad Facebook update, do a blog, and go off to work, as I did. But, when you come home in the evening and open the door, you are struck by a strange new stillness.- silence without a dog. It was that if a machine that had been humming for 6 years, had suddenly stopped.
I couldn't get through it. I went to stay at my brothers house for a few days, but the pain followed me there. I was forced once again to go home to that big, old, cold and empty house. I just didn't know what to do.

On Facebook, my Blog, at work and even by mail, every one said get another little dog to help me through this. I felt it was wrong. I didn't know what to do. Finally after crying fits, hateful comments to some people and mind wondering days, I thought I had to do it. I had to get another dog. I called all the local shelters and no one had a Beagle. I looked on Craigs List and none there looked just right. Friends sent me clippings of little Beagles in need of adoption. For some reason none of them did the trick. One friend mentioned that I try Beagle Rescue on the computer. I did and still no luck. I looked both in Missouri and Illinois. Then on the second day, when I was looking, there he was. One look at his face and I knew he was the one. He was in a shelter about an hour and a half from here. I called, filled out the application , I was excepted and I made plans to pick him up.

That was last Thursday. less than a week and I am already crazy over the little guy. We have had our moments. he was afraid to climb the stairs, so I had to carry him up for bedtime. I lost my patients and yelled at him, which set us back at least a day. But after reading  how to work with him in this matter, on a computer site, as of today, this problem is almost solved.

Today we went for a car ride and met my Aunt, Linda. She made me a real pretty welcome gift. A hand made blue and white quilt. She thought it might be good for the car seat, but daddy likes it so much, it's on my bed in the kitchen.

My daddy and me took Selfies of each other. We were just being silly. Was fun though.