Wednesday, June 6, 2012

OPEN FOR BUSINESS , You-all come see us here!!!!!

My new sign.

This is the view out the front door looking toward the Mississippi River.

  Well it has been a long hard battle, but I think I won. I got the keys to my new space May12th. After many days of pulling nails, patching holes, painting and cleaning, the new, "Downtown Antique Mall," in Clarksville, Mo. is finally open. I had a soft opening on Saturday June 2nd. It was the regional Chili Cook Off  here in Clarksville and I wanted to get her open to take advance of the crowds. Well it was well worth it as we had a great turn out, made sales and surprised many old timers as they saw the shop for the first time. I have some wonderful dealers and there spaces look amazing. I have one dealer who was delayed in her move in, so now we have something else to look forward to.They were all so good to get moved in and get there booths looking amazing. I am so proud and happy to represent each and every one of them.

My friend Nancy gave me these beautiful flowers for by the front door.

  Of course Sissy Dog was challenged through this ordeal. She did not know what to make of all this moving.  I worked before I opened the old shop in the morning and after I closed it at night. She was in and out of the two shops and didn't quite know what to do with her self. Finally we are settled and her chair is in place and she has made her self at home. Bless her heart. What would I do with out her? The other night I was so tired, I thought I might die and Sissy Dog ran out the door .Well, when she does this, it is a real challenge. She got on the trail of a rabbit and with her head to the ground she paid no attention to me, so I sneaked up to her and dropped right on top of her. The challenge was cut short, thank goodness and I could go to bed.
    We have had some pretty hot weather here in Missouri during all this move and that makes for a lot tougher job. I have learned that for a old F---, I can get the job done. I  cleaned, painted and moved, mostly all by myself. I have to admit, I had  some nice towns people who offered a helping hand, but with my time frame, it was just easier to do it by myself. I have my own methods of doing things. I like to move an item or two and put them in place. If there is a big pile of stuff I seem to freak out. Of course if the truth be known, I tend to freak out a lot.

The entrance to the River Park is right outside my shop door.

     My Old Historic House, seemed to be neglected during all this. I have to devote a week to it now. I still am having tours almost daily and I just hope they don't see the dust and dog hair that seems to have gathered in the absence of the broom and dust cloth.

    I wish you all could come and see the house, take a tour and shop in the new Mall. I will leave the lights on and we can open any time. Sissy Dog will always meet you all with a jump and a kiss. I might even take ya for a sweet tea next door at the darling Farm Cafe.
   I just want to thank all of you out there on the blogs for being so patient with me and my blog. I hope to get back on track soon and give you all the comments you deserve, I so appreciate you all. Come see me now, you here!
My area  is in the center of the new mall. 

Nancy's booth to the left

A basket of deer horns 

Sissy and her chair, Finally she can settle down and do her thing. Sleep!