Saturday, April 28, 2012

Diva Day Brunch

 My Home Town, Clarksville,Mo.  about 70 miles from St.Louis and a few miles from no where ,is a small town of 436 people ,and it is nestled on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi River. We are a Historic Town, founded in 1817. It was named after the famous explorer, Clark from the team of Lewis and Clark. My house, The 1845 Historic Elgin/Cottrell House Museum is the oldest and grandest in this small town. It was built by Hazekiah Elgin  whose ancestors came  to America on the Mayflowe,.  and  fought in the Revolutionary  War with George Washington.
    We depend so much on Tourist to support out town. We have several antique shops and a large array  of resident Artist, galleries and Studios.  We have several festivals and events each year ,in hopes to bring tourist to out town. One event is Diva Day. It is an event designed to pamper women. Free gifts, t-shirts and Diva shopping bags are given as prizes. Woman are invited to come and hopefully shop. Today is Diva Day. A member of the local Chamber Of Commerce  hosted a kick off brunch at my house this morning. His hope was to bring people to do Diva day and  tour my  house. Each person was asked to give donation for a beautiful brunch and endless mimosas. We had a nice turn out. People enjoyed the food, drink tour and companionship.
   I used a lot of silver and crystal on the table. Garden flowers were everywhere, Some people dressed in period dresses, which added to the fun of the event. I had to get up at 5:00 this morning to  get it all ready. I think the table and the food were simply Divine.When every one left I had to run and open the shop.
   I wish you all could come and have a mimosas and some brunch. I will leave the lights on and of course, Sissy Dog will meet you with a jump and a kiss.
      BE A DIVA !.

Diva Day Kick Off Lunch.

Diva Day Kick Off Brunch Table Setting.

Two pretty ladies all done up in period dress.
   Today in Clarksville, MIssouri, my home town, was Diva Days. A special day for Divas to come shop, eat and play. Hopefully, most of all shop.Of course, men are welcomed as well. So far we have had mostly ladies.  This event is  hosted by our very active Art Guild. One member planned and  hosted a kick off  Diva Day brunch at my house.. He is very computer smart  and send out the invitations and got RSVP's all on the computer.  A donation was charged and we served Mimosas and all type of good food. The cost of the food was covered and I made  some money, which was good as I worked hours and hours on this event. Took parts of three days to do the shopping, get all the table ware out and make  the food. I have to go home now after work and clean it all up and put everything away.

Lots of pretty spring garden flowers dressed up the brunch table.
A good health brunch 

Some of the nice guest.

      I used a lot of silver and crystal and blue and white china. I even ironed the antique white linen napkins. We had  a nice turn out, considering it started at 8:00 AM. Every one was so nice and a couple of ladies actually wore Victorian white dresses. After the brunch I gave every one a tour of the house. One lady even played the piano for us. The weather was beautiful
     I wish you all could come and take a tour or have a brunch. I will leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will meet you with a jump and a kiss. "BE A DIVA!"

More guest enjoy the brunch

She fits right in.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

What the hell?

I did a blog about these pictures yesterday. I had a bus tour come and tour, My Old Historic House. i did not save it and some how I deleted it by accident. Sorry, thanks as usual for stopping by.

After the tour of the house I got on the tour bus and took them on a tour of our little part of the world. They all seemed to really ejoy it all. Thanks for stopping by, sorry I lost the original post, somehow, with this new blogger layout. Bring the old one back, PLEASE!
  Sorry about the bad language. I am having all kind of  problems trying to figure out how to use the new Blogger layout. I say if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Why may I ask, would they go and do this and make it so hard to figure out??? Please go back to the old way, the one that was so easy and I knew how to do it!!!Richard from My Old Historic House.
   Some how, while trying to figure this mess out I deleted the last two post. Sorry. I don't even know how I did it and I sure don't know why all these empty post keep popping up. Help me! Richard from My Old Historic House

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Resurrected from the Graveyard.

This is it, in all it's damaged glory. Do you think I can fix it?

Here it is. I still need to add some gimp around the edges of the fabric to cover the tacks. But I think it turned out sweet.I have to go somewhere to find the trim. I live in a small town, 450 people, in the middle of no where, so can't buy any trim here.

   Last May 2, 2011, I did a post about my wicker furniture obsession. I have a problem, when I see a piece I want to adopt it. I have been much better as of late, as I a really have no room for any more, anything. In the post last year, I mentioned  that my basement is a graveyard of wicker. I have pieces that need help down there. I keep thinking I will find some one to repair it. Better yet, I keep thinking I will have money to have it repaired. A lot of it was damaged in the 2008 flood. It was on my front porch and the nice people who came to help were a little to much for it. I should have moved it, but wanted a place for people to set while helping. So after the flood, to the basement it went. To tell the truth, I forget that it is there. I had a pipe bust this week and when I went down to the basement to see what was going on, there was all that wicker. When the plumber even commented on it, I thought it was time to do something about it.

This is the wicker graveyard in my basement. I have a few weeks  projects ahead of me. 

   I picked out one of the little corner chairs that I am really fond of. I carried it up and brought it to my shop. I told myself ,I know you can fix this chair. So I laid into it. This is the finished product. I am starting another one tomorrow. I think it turned out pretty good. I have placed it in my bed room, where there are lots of other Victorian pieces. I have found that these Victorian pieces are too fragile to be outside and take a lot of weather and abuse.  I had no ideal what to do about the woven seat, so I just covered it instead. Kind of a cop out, but at least  it is presentable.
    I hope you enjoyed this journey. Come anytime and take a real tour. I always have the lights on and Sissy Dog will mostly surely meet you with a jump and a kiss. Heck I will even invite you into my bed room, where we can set a spell and enjoy the wicker. I can just see all these pieces in a garden for a wedding. I'm sure it won't be mine, but I have some sweet Great Nieces coming up. Who knows what they will want for a wedding. Race cars, tractors, space ships. Times are a changing and I don't do well with change.
   Come see me soon. Richard
The fabric matches the curtains in my room. It is a wonderful Gothic check. Black and deep olive green.

I love the stick and ball construction.

Here it is in my bed room. The question now is, where to put it?
Maybe here?
Just added a picture of the doll house in it's new home, My Library!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter Left Over Recipe.

    My last post, "Company Coming", I mentioned I was making Macaroni and Cheese with Ham for a dinner party I was hosting. A lot of my blogger friends and followers left comments asking for the recipe. Well ,I made it up many years ago and I am not sure of exact  amounts.This is how I do it. I am sure it will work for you as well. This would be good with left over ham from that big Easter meal. If not, I buy ham in the meat section of my grocery store. It comes in 1 pound bags and is perfectly cubed, ready to use. So easy, why not?
   The cheese sauce I make can be used for many things. I find in a staple when I am cooking. I use it to make scalloped potatoes or cabbage. It is great on vegetables.  Chicken and rice or cheese soup. I make it with Velveeta Cheese. I know it is processed and not good for you. So they say. Well no other cheese would work the same. So get over it. My mother cooked with velveta my whole life. I am 63 and going strong. I guess if you ate it every day straight out of the box it might effect your health. I say, take a chance!
     So here is the cheese sauce recipe first.
A.  Finely chop one medium onion and 1/2 of a green pepper,saute in 1/2 stick of butter until tender. This can be done in a large sauce pan or skillet. Stir often, do not brown
B. Add 1 can cream of mushroom soup and 1 can of milk, still until blended.
C. cube up 1 small box of Veleevta cheese into about 1 inch square cubes. Add to above.Stir constantly until cheese milts. If fire is to hot it will stick to the bottom and burn. If it does, it will change the taste, so be careful not to let this happen.Add more milk if too thick.
D. Add  a tablespoon of prepared yellow mustard , stir into the above to blend.
E. Add the cooked, cubed ham piece and stir till all is blended.
F. If you are a pepper lover, I am, add a generous helping of black pepper. If you want you can use white pepper.
This is my famous cheese sauce. I have used it for years and it is a wonderful staple for your kitchen.
Cook 1/2 pound of your favorite macaroni according to directions.I add salt to the water and a little oil so it will not stick. Test to see if it is tender. You do not want to over cook the macaroni as it will fall apart when you bake it.
Drain and rinse.

Add the cooked and drained macaroni to the cheese sauce and stir until blended.

Pour into oiled baking dish and top with grated  Cedar Cheese. I add pepper to the top of this. This would be up to you.

Bake for 1 hour in a preheated oven set on 300.

Remove from oven and serve. One think, make lots as people are going to love it.

     Happy Easter. let me know if you try it. Say so if you like it, go on down the road if you don't. I hope you are with wonderful family and friends this Easter Holiday and rejoice in this wonderful world the Lord has given us.
   Come by any time for a tour. I will always leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will be there with a jump and a kiss. If I know you are coming, I'll whip up a big batch of mac and cheese.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Company Coming.

I do my table setting and decorating in stages, helps when you have to work and do stuff before and after work. This is the silver epergne on my dining room table ,stage one, with Easter grass and my antique hand blown Glass egg collection. I will add fresh flowers the day of the party. Secret, I have a thing for Easter Grass. Love it!!!

   What a day for a party. First of all it is April Fools Day! I keep thinking, what if the April Fools me and not show up? I don't think that  would ever happen, most people have trouble turning down a beautiful meal. I am sure there will be a April Fools before the evening is over.
   I belong to a group of good friends. They all live in the next town up, Louisiana, Mo. They all live in a couple of blocks from each other, on a hill. Thus, the name,"The Hill Group." I am not sure how I got in this group, as I no only do not live on that hill, I also live in another town. Putting all that aside, I am sure glad that I am included in this fun group. One couple in the group, Carl and Judy, always seem to host  the dinner parties. We usually meet once a month to celebrate any birthdays that month. Some times we just meet, because we like to eat. Sometimes we go out to different restaurants to eat. This month it is Judy's birthday, so I felt it would be good if some body hosted her. So, I guess that somebody is ME!
  I have been working getting the spring yard work done. It is far from finished, but the side yard, where every one comes and goes, looks pretty good. I mowed it last night, again, just so it would look fresh.I  have also been working to get the screen porch opened for the season. It get's awful dirty during the winter and takes some effort to get it cleaned up. It is ready and the weather is suspose to be spectacular.I just hope it is not too warm, I sure do not want to turn the air on,  especially the first day of April.
     The host of this group usually makes the main course and every one else brings a dish. We usually have so much wonderful food. This way it does not cost the host too much nor cause them too much work. I am having a odd menu.But, it is things I like and can make very well. I am having Mac and Cheese with Ham. Yes, that's the main course. I make the best mac and cheese in the world. I have won contest with it. I am also serving Fried Cabbage with Bacon. Yum. I add sour cream and caraway seeds at the last minute. All most every one in this group likes beets. When we go out, they always get them off the salad bar. I am having a Beet Jello Mold. Yep, you heard me right again, Beet Jello. I have served it for years. It is a shock to most guest. But when they finally agree to try a bit, they ususally like it. I love serving jello molds. I always put them on glass cake stands and they are so pretty. It will be fun to see how this goes over. I am including my receipt, just in case you want to try it.It is more of a salad than a dessert.

My kitchen ice box has become a florist cooler for the past week or so. I cut the flowers from the garden, put them in warm water, let them set for a few hours to drink and then keep them fresh in the cool temperature of the ice box. Comes from years working as a florist.

This is the first year my white bleeding hearts have done well. I love em!

Not much room ffor food, but sure is pretty when the door opens and the lilacs smell so good.

    I have been working on this party for a while. As the garden flowers are blooming so early this year, I have been picking them and putting them in the ice box, just like the florist do, to hold them for tonight. I am serving buffet style, with all the food on the kitchen island. This is a very informal group, kinda like my family. I still want it to be pretty and nice. I have created an Easter centerpiece for the dining room table. I used my silver epergne and  hand blown glass antique Easter eggs. I have a large collection of them. I did a post about them last Easter, scroll back and visit it. I believe it is titled, " Which Came First, Chicken or the Egg?"
 People are bring a  Green Salad, Carrot and Raisin Salad , Olive Spread and Crackers and Home made Cake and Ice Cream. What a feast.

This is how the finished product looked. The silver epergne, eggs,flowers and GRASS!

    I wish you could all be here to share with us. I am sure there would be plenty as I always seem to make way to much. I guess I think every one eats like me. I grew up in a family with 7 kids, so large pots of food were common. Come by anytime for a tour. I will always leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will meet you with a jump and a kiss. If I know you are coming, I will cook up a mess of something. Hope you enjoy and try this beet jello, you will be surprised. 

Close up of the Eggs and GRASS!

Arranging flowers on the kitchen island.

                                               BEET JELLO
1 can, 1 lb. 4 oz. pickled beets, chopped
1 package, 3 oz. lemon jello
dash of salt
2 tablespoons green onions, chopped fine.
2 tablespoons prepared horseradish
3/4 cups chopped celery.
 Drain beets, add water to beet juice to make 1 and 1/2 cups.
Heat and add jello, stir well to dissolve , add salt.and green onions.
Chill to partially set.
add beets, horseradish and celery.
You can put this in a nice dish, or I double the receipt and pour it into a oiled mold.
Before serving, run knife around edge, set mold into warm water for a few seconds , turn onto a
serving plate. I some times serve with mayonnaise.
Try it for Easter or any time.
     I wanted to take a picture of the jello, but people started arriving and it just left my mind. Part of getting old, they say/! I took some pictures of the guest, when I put them in Picasa to clean up, I hit the wrong button and they are gone. Another part of getting old. I know I am getting old as this party just about did me in. I loved every minute of it, but,the body say's help. What every happened to YOUNG???

The rest of the pictures are of my porch. It is just off the kitchen. Everybody wanted to be out there last night. It was April 1st and almost 90 here in Missouri. Almost too hot, but was a beautiful evening for a party.