Monday, January 17, 2011

Sissy Dog The Beagle

   I have often mentioned my little girl, Sissy Dog,  the Beagle,in my blogs. Well I wanted to share with you. all my new friends, in BLOG land, some pictures of her. She has quite a personality.
Sissy Dog, in the kitchen, in her bed, made from an old cotton picking basket.

Sissy gets on this chair, by the side door  and waites for me, when she wants to go out.

Sissy is not suspose to be on the parlor furniture.

I collect oil paintings of Beagle dogs.

Sissy Dog with Santa Dec. 2010.

Sissy was cold in the antique shop so I covered her with my coat.

   I have had three Beagle girls in the last 18 years. The first little girl, Missy Dog, came from a dog pond in Blowling Green,Mo. I was living in St.Louis at the time and wanted to go back to my child hood, where my family always had Beagles on our farm. I had her one year, and I became so attached, it was really sad. Well, I was a bad dog parent, I let her walk with out a leash, and in a big city, that was not good. Well, she was hit by a car, running after a neighbors cat. I almost lost my mind.But, I had a very good support system of Antique Dealer friends, who helped me through it all. One friend, David, had a dog, a little boy, his name was Winston, and he and Missy were the best of friends.  David and I traveled a lot, doing out of town antique shows, and the dogs went with us. After Missys death, David and Winston, gave me a few week old ,baby Beagle girl. At first I had nothing to do with her. I just could not go through all that again. I finally gave in to her beautiful sweet face, and I named her Prissy Dog.The first year of Prissys life was a real hell. I had never riased a puppy before, and boy did I have a lot to learn. Well Ms. Prissy was a real Love, but she was never ,what one should call an Angel. She lived over 15 years, and for all those years, we had little presents left, all over the shop and house.

Some times Sissy Dog gets on my counter at the shop.

Sissy Dog in "HER" chair at the antique store.
 She would go for weeks,and then, here would be a rose bud or a puddle of tears. Prissy was also a sickly dog, my vet bills were out of sight. But, I loved her, took care of her, and cleaned up after her. She died a year ago last June. I said at that time, that's it, no more dogs. I made it with out one, no problem, not wanting one and happy with out one. Then in December, a year ago, my neighbor, found this little girl dog, running wild, on the streets of our little town. She was cold, starved and wild. Stacy caught her and took her under her wing. She had in mind to give her to me. I refused for the longest time. But one day, I took her for a walk and a visit, and she spent the night. Well she was wonderful. No presents were left for me and she was just perfect from that day on. I named her Sissy Dog in honor of Missy and Sissy.
  Sissy Dog, goes to the store with me everday, where she is looked at more than the mercandise. She is loved by all in our little town and has made it known that she is the Queen B.
   When you live alone, there is nothing better than a dog or cat. They may be some trouble, but the benifits, far out weigh the bad. Sissy Dog knows when I am happy or sad. She sits on my lap and watches TV, and sleeps on the foot of my bed. She is so full of life, sometimes I just bust out laughing at her actions. She asks very little in return, food, water and walks. And she is so beautiful and loves the camera. If you ever come see me at, MY OLD HISTORIC HOUSE ,or my antique shop, you can count on Sissy Dog to be there with a jump and a kiss.
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