Saturday, February 2, 2013

Romantic Homes Magazine

    Well this is old news, but I thought I would share it with you anyhow.  My Friend, Elizabeth Maxson , from St.Louis,  and, Elizabeth House Blogspot,  used to write for Romantic Homes Magazine. She wrote this article and it was published in August 2008. I was very proud and pleased that this happened, as it was the first time, My old Historic House, was published. It has been in several magazines since, but the first is always a great send off.

    It was a cold day in January when Elizabeth drove all the way from St.Louis to Clarksville ,70 miles, to take pictures of my Victorian Parlor Dome Collection. I could not go, as I was working. I gave her a key and sadly gave up the rights to be there during this artistic process.Being a decorator and trained artist, it is hard to not be in the final judgement of the picture taking process.This is called," control", and I did not have it. Anyhow, I did give her the key and the rest is history. Elizabeth had told her editor at the magazine about my domes and her ideal to do an article about them. Unlike some writers, Elizabeth takes her own pictures. She uses natural light. So with all that in mind, I think the article came out beautifully. I had a couple of rooms unfinished at the time she took these pictures. Well Elizabeth is a very, how shall I say it, Shabby Chic kinda girl. The unfinished rooms really appealed to her. Cracked walls and peeling paint and wall paper. I was in constant fear that when the article appeared it would show these rooms. I gave her a blank canvas you see. Well where she did love these rooms and she did take photos there, she was kind to me and showed the better part of my house. I love the article, I think she did a wonderful job. I have to say, I was a little sad as it did not show more of the house. I have to remind myself, that the article was about the Parlor Domes, not the house. With that in mind, I gave her an A+.

   Some how, during the years, I had lost my copy. In fact, I had kinda of forgotten about this article. My neighbor was going through  magazines , came across it. She asked me if I 'd like it and of course I was thrilled. I have since added it to the collection of other magazines that features my house.I keep them open to the right page on the library table, Doesn't seem to hurt and usually does a little of impressing to point them out, when I give tours. What a brat I am. Sorry. No I am not!!!!!

    I was cleaning this morning, well if that is what one would call it. I took my sleeve and ran it across the library table. Yikes!!! I saw this magazine and thought it would make a nice blog post. Hope you enjoy. I tried my new printer scanner for the first time. I have never done this before. The darling thing, scanned them and sent them right to Picasa, where I downloaded them into a file. It was so easy and amazing. A whole new world has come into my blog head. I know it can be better and I promise to do that in the future. I love this computer. That is coming from a person who will not own a cell phone or buy anything that takes a battery. Go figure!

    I hope maybe some day you all can come and take a real tour. In the mean time, keep on reading. I will always have a light on and Sissy Dog will meet you with a jump and a kiss. I love comments, that's why I do this, so leave me one and you will get one back. Have a beautiful day!!



Great ideas dear Richard! Marty is having on the 11th. a cloche party...these would be great and I am quite inspired!! Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

Divine Theatre said...

You should write your own book. I mean that! After Gracie and I watched the video of your home we decided you need to be rich and famous. You know so much, Richard. It's only fair to share! I would be the first in line to buy your book!


Kisses to Sissy!


Janet - Painted Piglet, BikerChickNews said...

Richard! I remember this article, and I remember being enchanted by your collection! How nice to find out they belong to you and your home, having since found your delightful blog! Keep posting, please - it is always a treat to visit you!! ~ Janet

Marcia said...

I remember the article, too. It is fun to hear the 'story behind the story'. It seems so long ago that you worked in St. Louis and could only be in Clarksville on weekends. You have had so many experiences and adventures in the antique world, and you are always the first person I think of when I need an opinion on some little thing I've found. I'm so glad we have you in Clarksville.

And to those reading your really SHOULD come meet Richard and tour his home. And then do some shopping in his Downtown Antique's full of goodies. You will not be disappointed!!!

Richard Cottrell said...

Thanks Marcia you are so sweet. Marcia's grand dog ,Shotgun,is one of Sissy Dogs many boy friends.

Richard Cottrell said...

Andie you are so sweet. maybe I will write a book, now that there is spell check on the computer and edit. I'm sure I would need them. Richard

Lottie said...

Richard, a book would be wonderful! As long as you write from the heart like your blog, it would be great! I'm first in line for a signed copy! Have a great day!

Sissysmom said...

Now I need to look on ebay and see if I can find a copy of that magazine. Looks like a great article!!

I love parlor domes and finally found one on ebay that I could afford.....alas, when it arrived they had done a very poor job of packing and let's just say I shed a lot of tears...almost as many as there were pieces of glass left of the dome!! One of these days I'll find another one and then I will take Vanna's advice and insist it is double boxed when mailed!

Always so happy to see your posts, give Sissy Dog a pat on the head from me!


Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

I'm sorry that I missed that issue. I love your parlor domes and could look at them all day! Hope you're doing well. Take care, Gina

Curtains in My Tree said...

So glad you posted this article again, because I had never seen it. I read Elizabeth's blog
She is very famous for her work like your famous for your beautiful mansion. She does like shabby but she knows luxury when she see it, like shooting your mansion

Everyone who reads your blog needs a trip through time, by going through your luxurious house
I hope to be back over your way this spring for another tour

Charlotte Wilson said...

What an honor for you that you were (or your domes) featured in a well read magazine! You could write a book.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh. For the past year, I've tried off and on to send Romantic Homes magazine a recommendation to feature your blog and house since I think your house more than qualifies as romantic. They're hard to contact, though, and somehow I've never gotten it done.

You're way ahead of me. I guess I wasn't reading the magazine when your parlor domes were featured. Thanks for scanning the article and sharing it. I enjoyed it hugely.