Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My 2012 Project.

   Well I think I have finally gone overboard, having finished, My Old Historic House, I needed a new project. So, for Christmas I bought myself a NEW HOUSE.It is another Victorian mansion. It is in the Second Empire Style with Italianate tendencies.  I have always admired this style of house and when I say this one at such a good price, I jumped on it fast.
    Just like, My Old Historic House, the new house was not in the best of condition. The foundation was sagging, bad interior and exterior paint jobs, trim missing, windows broken and the worst flooring and wall covering ,I had ever seen in my life. After I  took over ownership, I went about making  my plan of attack for the restoration.
   Of course the first step was to sure up the foundation. Step two: will be the removal of everything bad. Step three: is to pick paint colors and get to work. I am very excited. I love a challenge. I will keep you informed of the progress. But for today, I am just posting a few of the before pictures.
   One thing I forgot, My New House, is a doll house. The scale is 1 inch to 1 foot. I hope you like it.
What do you think about a 62 year old man, buying himself a doll house??? Am I really crazy? Probably.
But I sure am having fun.
  Come by anytime, I will leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will always meet you with a jump and a kiss.
Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday week and making great plans for New Years Eve and Day!

Here is my new house. Ain't it a beauty?

You can see the bad paint job. And the foundation under the porch is missing.

Looks like they had a professional painter.

Looks like some one on drugs decorated this bed room.

I love the one strip of wallpaper on the wall.
This tile has to go!

More interesting decorating and painting.

This box of pieces and furniture came with it.