Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine Couples and Trivia

I have one pair of red and white Staffordshire dogs. They live in my kitchen window.
I think they are very much in love. Watch as they steal a kiss.
    In three more days it will be Valentines Day. A real Christian Holiday,invented  to celebrate several Saints, with the name of Valentine. Somewhere, through time, it has become a Holiday for lovers. Much like other holidays, it has taken on that commercial  feeling. As soon, if not before, Christmas is over, all the Valentine stuff hits the shelves in our retail stores. It used to be mostly cards, then came flowers, thanks to the floral industry, and then candy, again thanks to the candy industry. I see things that are very tasteful  and taste good, others  are in very bad taste and even down right scary. To each his own, the words of my dear mother. Who's to say? I am sure what I like, would mean nothing to the next man. Some men will give there wife's or girlfriends candy, flowers, a night out ; where others, might chose a pair of naughty underwear or a tattoo.I fear the worst: but to them, it is the best.

Prince Lepold from Austria and his bride.
Life size bisque bust.
Dining room mantle.
Rumor was they were very much in love.  

    When I was in grade school, I loved  Valentines Day. My mother would buy me a box of Valentines at the dime store. There was an assortment. I would carefully go through them and seek the best one for the girl I liked best. Usually they were addressed and taken to school and on Valentines Day, there would be a party. Our room mothers made a cake, candy and punch. My teachers always had a big decorated Valentine box that all the individual cards were placed in. One person got to hand out all the cards. They were opened one by one as we enjoyed the refreshments. I kept my cards for years. In the fourth grade my teacher had a drawing at the end of the party and gave away the big Valentine box..I won it, and it was the best thing that had ever happened to me. The next year I took it back to school and let everyone else enjoy it. For years I kept that  box and all my Valentine cards  in it. When my mother passed and we cleaned out her house, I found that old Valentine box. I had a weak moment and threw it out. I wish now I had it to share with you all today.
Italian ceramic,"love doves." In the summer they  are on the screen porch. I have lots of wild doves and the sweet sounds they make seem like they are coming from these two.

   In the spirit of the Holidays,
   I looked up a little Valentine Trivia to share with you today.

A German couple in Court Dress. Down River Parlor mantle.

   Teachers receive the most Valentines cards, followed by students, mothers, wifes and then, sweethearts.

   Children ages 6 to 10 exchange more than 650 million Valentine cards with classmates, teachers and family.

    Approximately one billion Valentine Cards are exchanged on Feb. 14th, each year.

    This is the largest seasonal card exchange next to Christmas

One of a pair, English Pink Bristol vases, Down River parlor .This pair of love birds seem to be at odds. Or else, she is playing hard to get?

   Hallmark cards have over 1330 different Valentine cards to chose from.

   110 million roses, the majority red, will be sold and delivered with in three days time period for Valentines

   The red rose was a favorite flower of the God Zeus and the Roman Goddess of love.

German, Meissen Court Couple. My favorites. They are so elegant and seem to be so refined. Ladies Parlor mantle.

   Red rose stands for strong feelings

  The state of California produces 60 percent of Americans roses. But, the vast number used  for Valentines, 
   will come from South America.

  15% of women send flowers for Valentines
  73% of men send flowers for Valentines

  More than 35 million heart shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentines

Romeo and Juliet, most famous lovers of all.

   70% give cards, 49% call on the phone,7% go out to eat, 33% give candy and 30% do all these things

   The city of Verona, Italy, where Romeo and Juliet lived, receives 1000 letters addressed to Juliet each
   Valentines Day.

A French couple in love. Sevres. Ladies Parlor pier mirror shelf.

   3% of pet owners give there pets Valentines

   The most fantastic gift of Love ever given was the Taj Mahal in India

    Two towns in United States are named Valentine. Valentine, Nebraska, pop. 2842  and Valentine,Texas
     pop. 185.

This couple, in love, are in the Master bed Room.

     My funny Valentine is a very popular song written by Chet Black

     Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet  and so are you. Most famous Valentine verse written

A romantic Couple. he is giving her a song bird. They are French bisque . Ladies parlor.

      As we all prepare for this special day, keep in mind, what you are trying to say. If it is just a friend or family member, lover, wife or husband, mother, father, sister or brother, it is very important to say, " I love you!" One can never hear this enough. It makes us smile, feel good and want to love back. . I hope you all  get lots and lots on Valentine card. I hope you send a few in return. Remember, to get, one has to give. We never, never, can do enough to show how much we care.

RS Prussia, hand painted bowl, with a swan pair. This is the most romantic of all. Library book case.

   Please come by soon for a tour of, My Old Historic House. I will always leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will meet you at the door with a jump and a kiss. Get out there and buy those cards, candy and flowers. Share the love and, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.

         .Cherubs have always been a big part of the celebration of Love and Valentines Day.

French Severs Couple on a lamp in the ladies Parlor

May I have this Dance? Library

Hand Pained german Ice Cream bowl with two couples on a picnic. Dish pantry, dining room.

Napoleon's wedding to Josephine. Old Paris Vase. Master Bed Room.

            This French Brass fireplace screen is the most romantic of all. Two cherubs are building a fire.
                                                                     Gentleman's parlor.

    My shop neighbor and good friend, Marcia, is having a kissing booth  to raise money for stray dog care. This is her Grand Dog, Shotgun. Sissy will go take a turn after a bit.Kiss,Kiss!