Saturday, March 26, 2011


  My computer and I have been fighting. If I could afford a new one, I might just pitch this one in the Mississippi River. I am sure it is more me than the machine. I hope this post gets to you all ,as I am not sure the way it has been going as of late. Some one emailed me after the last post and said that the post did not show up on her dashboard,headboard,surfboard,some kinda board. Well, I have to get back to you on that one, as the only dashboard I thought I had, was on my car. I guess if I knew more about what I was doing it would help. You see I work this machine kinda like I type, hunt and peck!  If one button don't work, push 2 or 3 more. Putting all that aside, what about this weather??? We had snow yesterday and they say we are about to get it again. I say, Mother Nature needs to go on with her life,before Father Nature comes by and Bitch slaps her. I saw this little verse that I thought was really cute. Spring has sprung,snow has fell,Mother Nature is mad as Hell. Soon it'll be rain,then a flood,we will be cleaning up mud. Mother Nature please start acting right -cuz someday id like to take a nice long hike! Very true for me as I live on the river.

  After all that, finally the post about my Dresden Lace. In the town of Dresden Germany there was at one time more than 200 factories that made and decorated porcelain. The items produced from these factories soon became known as,"Dresden," So the term refers to more of the style, from that one town, instead of any one  manufacture.And we all call these items,"Dresden" .Dresden is sometimes confused with Meissen. Meissen is another town in Germany were fine porcelain was produced. Where the Dresden pieces can have any numner of makers marks, the Meissen always has one, the blue crossed swords.

  Dresden made many types of items,  but were most known for the figure groupings.They were made in large quantities and are still produced today.The famous,"Dresden Lace", was a method developed by Dresden decorators in which real lace was dipped in liquid porcelain and applied to the figure by hand. The results were stunningly delicate and appears to almost look like real fabric. The real lace would burn away when the porcelain was fired. This process made the items not only beautiful, but very fragile and it can be damaged almost by just looking at it. The most famous Dresden figurines are the,"crinoline' groups which portray various aspects of court life,such as dancing or playing musical instruments. Various sizes from the very small to the very large  have been produced. People have been collecting these for years. I once bought a ladies collection of 200 and  moving them became my biggest nightmare. I sold most of them in my antique shop, but have keep a few and I want to share them with you today. The detail  and work in them is amazing. All hand applied. Some of there faces are just wonderful.

  Stop by anytime for a tour at My Old Historic House. I will leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will meet you with a jump and a kiss. Have a great day and I hope no snow comes your way!