Saturday, February 25, 2012

Doll House Presents.

Perfume bottles and lamp from Andie at Divine Theater Blog.

Wing Chair from Nancy and Globe from my niece Linda.

Clock and statues from Andie

    Just to re-cap I bought myself a doll house for Christmas. It was at a local antique mall here in Clarksville,Mo. I have wanted one for a long time. I would see them here and there, but the price usually keep me from jumping in and buying one. Of course I would want a Victorian style house. The one I found is actually a replica of an 1870 Second Empire Style. It has a mansard roof and a tower. I always wanted to own a house with a tower. Don't ask me why, they are a complete waste of space. I also always wanted to paint a house pink. When I lived in New York state there was a Gothic Victorian house there and it was pink. There was a sign in front with the name Rose Cottage. It was my favorite place to go by and watch the seasons change. In summer there were scads and scads of climbing pink roses. Latter I learned that that house actually belonged to the famous Interior Designer, Sister Parish.It was featured in a book, which I found by accident one day in a book store. Before I get totally off the subject, I digress. I have been showing progress on the doll house ever since.

Back of house showing inside rooms.

Outside of my PINK doll house.

   This month I have been very lucky as friends have helped me with my doll house project by giving me gifts. I guess I could actually call them Valentine presents. What ever, I am so thrilled to get them.
   Yesterday in the  US Mail, I got a small package. I had not ordered anything and could not even know what might be inside. When I opened it, there was no card, so it was a mystery. Inside were several small doll house treasures. A clock with a glass dome, a pair of blue and  white statues, a hand painted gone with the wind lamp and 4 sweet perfume bottles. I thought, who ever sent these,, knows me well. I loved them all. I just could not imagine who had sent them. I went to the doll house and placed them and kept saying, I wish I knew who to thank. Latter I got an email from one of my blogger girl friends. I have a lot of them you know. Almost 300.  Where they are all special, there are a few that I really feel close to. Turns out these doll house treasures had been sent by dear friend Andie and her daughter Gracie. Andie's blog is full of wonderful French things that she has been gathering for her new home. Gracie has a doll house also and Andie posted pictures of it, after I did my first doll house post. You should go and check out Andie's blog, I am sure you will love it.

The attic Shabby Chic bed room.


Dining room with French Empire theme and chandelier, a gift from Sissy Dog.

     My friend Nancy, whom I have mentioned many times in my blog, gave me a darling white wing chair for Valentines Day. I wanted one for the library and she had one in her shop. She has Kate's Attic and Mini Mall in Louisiana, Mo.It is 9 miles from here and a fun place to shop. She had gotten a whole lot of doll  house stuff at an auction and I have been making far  to many  trips there to shop. Nancy and I often run off on day trips. We go to antique shops, malls and other fun places. We always seem to get into trouble and usually buy way to much. She has a truck, but last time, even with a truck, we had to have some things delivered.
   My niece, Linda, who helps me a lot with house tours found this darling world globe and she brought it to me last time she came for a visit. It is actually a pencil sharpener, made of metal and the globe turns. Perfect for the library.
  I found this little chandelier and I say it was a Valentine gift from Sissy Dog. I look at doll house chandeliers on the net and they are so expensive. I was so lucky to get this one. And how perfect, it is a French Empire style, just like the house. It is now in the dining room
   I hope you enjoy my new doll house treasures. I know I sure do. I love them all and every time I add one more item the little house gets better and better. I wish you could come some time and see it for real. I will leave the lights on  and Sissy Dog will always meet you with a jump and a kiss. The doll house is at my shop for now. I am waiting for some carpet and things to come so I can finish it before I  take it home. I want to put it in the library ,along side my rocking horse and antique German and French dolls. Mr. Elgin, the original owner of, My Old Historic House, had a son and a daughter. I would like to think they would have had toys much like  these. If they did, the library was a perfect place to play with them.
    My friend Blossom was right. When I first bought the house she said, a doll house is like a real house, the expense never stops and it is never done.

My friend Larry brought me this real marble urn from St.Louis
PS. My friend Jim, just came from St.Louis to spent the weekend at his house here. He always stops in and he gave me this darling Victorian Rococo parlor chair. He says he has a sofa and another chair too. It looks like Belter. I am the luckiest man alive.