Sunday, January 23, 2011

One for the Maid,Two for the Butler, Three for Tea.

Brass Turtle Servents Bell.

Push its head to ring.

Or push his tale to ring.

Detail of the back.

Just wind it up.

   This little  brass, Turtle Servants Bell ,is one of my favorite things. It was made in India or Turkey ,or some where in that direction. I am not sure of its age.  And I am almost sure ,that it is not as old, as My Old Historic House-1845-1860. But I just love it, and it is always a hit with the tourist who come to tour the house. I keep it on the dining room table, and always some one will ask, "What is that?". I push his head or tail, as they both will make the bell ring, and say, "one for the maid, two for the buttler and three for tea." Sad thing is, no matter how many times I ring it, neither the maid nor the butler comes. I must have a word with the servants.   On the back of the turtle is a beautiful design, carved and painted . There is a wind up on the bottom. It is only 4 inches long, but makes such a big statement. I was at a dear friends house one Christmas for a party and I fell for this little turtle, I could not stop talking about it, or pushing it to make it ring. The hostest at the party ,gifted me with this little toy, the very next year  for Christmas. Sometimes it pays to be foreward!