Sunday, April 3, 2011

Out and About in My Home Town, Clarksville, Mo.

River front park

Gates to a Clarksville County Estate.

A grand home from a different time.

My House, The 1845 Elgin/Cottrell House

And The Father of all Waters, The Mighty Mississippi River.

A house on the hill.

Another Country Estate.

   Sometimes we don't know what we have or appreciate it until someone else brings it to our attention. I grew up here in Pike County Missouri on a farm. I knew from an early age that  this part of the country, was a very special place. Our farm had the old ice house,chicken house,bunk house,barns,out house and it was a beautiful place with lots of trees, rolling hills and a large yard.I remember when I was about 16, sending photos to Better Homes and Gardens of our farm trying to get it published. Well-that didn't work. When I was in collage, I worked with the Missouri State Historical Society to do an little book about all the farms and homes in this area. I drew all the pictures and did the research. One of my favorite things to do today when I have an out of town guest is to get in the car and take a tour of our beautiful Pike County. In the middle of Pike County, Missouri, is the jewel of the county,  the little historic town of Clarksville. We have 490 people and more pride than any one in Dixie. Years ago this little river front town fell into disrepair. Stores were closed and homes were in ruin. A small group of people came and worked hard to re-build the down town and seek artist and antique dealers to come and make this there home. Today, most of the store are full, we have 4  wonderful places to eat, several beautiful bed and breakfast, a winery, golf course and the older homes have been bought up, loved and repaired.

Time goes by.

Romantic gardens,come enjoy a glass of ice tea!

    Clarksville has a rich past. In 1800- A temporary settlement was made by pioneers.Life was not always good here in Missouri. In 1812 the early settlers were massacred by Indians. That did not stop people from coming and a new group of settlers soon arrived.  In 1817 that early settlement became known as Clarksville. Supposedly named  for William Clark of the Lewis and Clark expedition.Clark served as governor of the Louisiana Territory from 1813-1820 The Elgin family, who built My Old Historic House, came to Clarksville in 1817 ,with a land Grant from President James Monroe.My house was started in 1845 with an 1860 addition. Missouri became a State in 1820. In 1847-Clarksville was incorporated  by Governor John Miller of Missouri. In 1850- Clarksville received its charter.

Entrance to yet another Country Estate.

   The Artists and Antique dealers are working real hard today to make Clarksville a fun tourist destination. Many events take place during the year. My house is open for tours and can be rented for special functions. The golf course and winery are both favorite places for weddings. In the summer the river comes alive with boaters and fishermen. We welcome every one,young and old. Come have an adventure where life is a little slower and everybody knows your name. I hope you think Clarksville is as beautiful as I think it is.

Entrance to The Mississippi River Front.
One of our 7 churches.

A raised Ante Bellum Cottage.

Antique Shops.

My Antique and Gift Shop.

Hand made Windsor Chair Shop.

First Street in Clarksville,Mo.

Lock and Dam 24, Mississippi River.

Every body here has dogs in the shops and outside. 

Grand old Trees.

Clear Blue Sky.
And maybe the only brick OUT HOUSE in the entire US of A.

Interesting building.

Come by and visit us all in Clarksville real soon. We will leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will meet you with a jump and a kiss.