Friday, September 7, 2012

Antique, What is it?

   This is my first blog post about Antiques. A while back I asked readers to send pictures and ask questions about there antiques. I have one today to share with you.
  This question is coming from Gina and her blog is: Victorian Want to be. Her question is about the item pictured here. She bought it an an auction and wants to know, it's age, what it is,  and maybe who made it and of course, what is it worth.

  Gina had thought that perhaps it was a perfume bottle. Well, that is not right. I am afraid a bottle this big would hold more perfume than the average person who want to pay for. Actually this is a cruet. It is what we all refer to as, " Cranberry Glass." Cranberry glass was made by many companies and in many countries. including America. It is a process  that is done by adding gold(oxide) to molten glass. It is most often made in small  batches, due to the cost of gold. The oxide is made by dissolving gold in metric acid and hydrochloric acid. The finished glass is a type of colloid - a solid(gold) dispersed into another solid (glass).
   The most famous maker of Cranberry glass was the Moser Glass Company. The company based in the Czech Republic , previously Bohemia and  Austria .Due to it's quality is has become one of the most collected glass in the 20 and 21 century. Often chosen by Royals for there palaces. The Moser glass is often decorated with Gold and tiny floral designs. This  is how most people associate this type of glass to being Moser.
   I believe you cruet could be Moser. It has the good cranberry color, gold decoration and quality. Now,  they still produce this type cruet today. With out holding your piece in my hand, it might prove hard to say it really is Moser. The thickness of the glass and holding the piece to the side, you can see the gold cranberry color trapped inside the clear. If this is not possible, it is a fake and might be what they call ,"flash." Which means painted. Today there is a process to make cranberry glass with out adding the gold. The color is off , more dark pink and usually very thick. Your piece appears to be real.
  Other companies copied the Moser look. England was a big maker of cranberry glass and they loved to decorate it as well. If yours is, indeed Moser, the value could be as much as $200.00. There is some times a signature. It is often hid in the design. Be sure and go over it with a fine tooth comb. You know a signature can add  a lot to the value.Maybe making it worth $350.00
  I would guess this piece was made in the late part of the 1900's. But as I mentioned before, could be newer, as they are still making  pieces like this.
   With out really seeing and holding it,  I would guess in  today's market, I would price it at $95 to $110.00 I hope this helped.
   Bloggers, please send your pictures and questions. Remember to email me the pictures to Until next time. Richard and Sissy