Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas is here, take a look!

Finally Christmas is getting here. Only 2 more days left. Everyone, young and old ,are excited and full of  cheer.Trees are decorated, lights are strung, food is being readied and all is calm.Packages are being wrapped, cards received. Joy is everywhere. Family is coming, guest, friends and neighbors pop by. The spirit of the season is truly in the air.

My wish for all of you, is that you have a safe and wonderful Christmas and the best of the Holiday season. May all your dreams and wishes come true. I pray that your family and guest arrive safely and if you are traveling, be delivered safe and sound.

Take time to remember the poor people out there. Children in foster homes. Families with little or no means. People on the street. Old folks with little or no family. Try to be happy, but by all means, share the joy and love. Even if it is a simple phone call. Sissy and I are visiting the nursing home, she's sure to bring some sparkle to some lonely eyes.

Share your fortune, no matter what size it is, even if it is only a smile and a simple Merry Christmas. Say a prayer for our loved one on duty, making our life safe. Especially pray for the dear sweet children who were taken this season . Prayer for the lost souls, so this might not happen again. Plead with gun lovers, for a change. This murder has to stop.Maybe all we need to do is show compassion. Think about all the lost souls that are bullied, made fun of and need our help.   As a nation, we must come together.

Remember all the animals, especially the ones outside, in the cold or in shelters. Send a check or drop off some food. Ask your neighbors to bring there animals inside. They are some of our best friends. They ask so little in return.Rewards from animals, unconditional love, is more than most of us can ever dream of.

Most of all, lets try and get our country back together. We need to unite and do something for the good of the nation. Washington has to come together. The only way this might happen, if , "We the People," show we want and need it to.We must respect our President. Other countries are watching us and are ready for us to be off guard. Let's become the ,"Leader of the Free World". the strongest nation in the world and a country we all can be proud of.

In closing, be safe, be happy. Have a wonderful Christmas. Share your love, not only with family and friends, but the world around us. From My Blog to Yours. Merry Christmas. Richard from My Old historic House.And Sissy Dog too!!!!!!!!!!!