Sunday, May 20, 2012

Where have you been??

   I have been getting lots of emails as of late wondering where I have been, as I have not added a  new blog post for awhile. I am so sorry I just left everybody hanging. I have  had a little burn out, to much going on and things that had to be done first. First off, I hate the new Blogger stuff, I was so used to the old and it was so easy. I live in an 165 year old house, I do not except change very well. I promise I will try harder. Second, the building where I have my antique and gift shop, Richard's Great Stuff, is being auctioned off. The owner is from out of town and he is tired of the trouble and wants to make his life simpler. Well, made mine a mess. I have found a new building, just across the street. It is twice as big as the one I have. I  am going to do a antique mall of sorts. I will have 6 to 7 dealers beside myself. I am excited, scared and worried all at the same time. I am a control freak, and I can not control what people put in there dealer spaces. I may need a straight jacket. Time will tell. I just hope we all can get along, sell and be happy. Times are tough in this old world we live in. The economy is very bad and I think might, could, will, get worse. Antiques are not as popular as there once were. They younger generations coming along could care less. They only want cell phones and electronic games and things. I have never had a cell phone, probably never will. I have no desire or need to. I despise them when people come into the shop and talk on them and  distract everyone.  Very few people are that business that they need a phone shewn to there ear. It is so expensive and all the welfare and low income peoples of the world all have them, talk on then endlessly. They have to be using up all there income. I say, how can they afford them?None of my business, thank goodness.I don't often get fired up, and I had better back off now before it gets worse.
   I have a friend who lost his mother and she had a lot of pretty antiques. She bought a lot of them from me. He wants me to do an estate sale for him. That is another thing I am working on along with a move. The new building needed a lot of cleaning and painting. I have that mostly under control and the new venders are starting to move in tomorrow.
   I have been trying to promote, My Old Historic House. It cost a lot to run it and keep it up. I give tours and rent for parties and functions. I am starting to get a lot of takers. This is wonderful, but at the same time, so much work. Do you know what it is like to clean that place??? I have downsized the gardens until they are very simple. Still there is mowing, weeds and so forth and so on. I guess what I am trying to say, retirement is very busy.
   I just wanted to say to all my blogger friends. I do love you and enjoy hearing from you. I promise I will get back at this as soon as I am settled in the new space. I have lots to share, projects and  events. Stand by, hold on and be patient, cause I'll be back.
   Love a best wishes from  my Blog to yours and Sissy kisses for all. Come anytime. I will always leave the lights on and there is always something to do. Hope you all are having a beautiful summer.