Thursday, July 14, 2011


Red Wallpaper Boarder in the Two Formal Parlors.

Red Gigham Curtains in the Kitchen.

Red Smocked Satin Valances in Library.

Oriental Rugs are Everywhere.

    What can I say? I LOVE RED!!!! It has not always been my favorite color, but, always has  been a favorite color to decorate with. But, now, it is  my very most favorite, of all colors. How can any one not love red? Several years back, I had a  client that I decorated for, he and his wife and me, had done up several houses in St.Louis. I had not even noticed, but I guess I always used red in these houses.They moved to California and I was sad to lose there friendship and there decorator business  One day, out of the blue, I got a call,  It was Mr. Richie, and he started out by saying, ("Richard can you come to California and, PUT A LITTLE RED IN OUR LIFE?") Well off I went, and yes we used some red. Since then I traveled to South Carolina to do another house for them, and ,we used a lot of red.Even the front door.
     Red is one of the primary colors of light. There are three primary colors, red, blue and yellow. From these three colors all other colors are made. Add white and you get a shade of these colors. Add black and you get a tint. Mix them together and you get all others colors. White is the absent of all color and black is the presence of all color. Add all colors together and you get brown. SORRY, the old art teacher  is coming out there, but , never hurts to have a lesson!

Antique George Washington Toile Chair in Kitchen.

Skirt under the Kitchen Sink.

Needlepoint Trivet.

Up River Parlor Chair and Oriental Carpet.

18th Century Lady in Red Dress.

    The world RED comes from the Old English word, "read",which meant blood. In the English language the word red is associated with the color of blood, flowers and fruit. Fire is also strongly connected ,as its the sun and the sunset. After the rise of Socialism, in the mid 19th century, red, was used to describe  revolutionary movements
     Red is a symbol of courage and sacrifice, an example of this , can be found in flags of many nations.
     Red has been used as a symbol of guilt, as in the Scarlet Letter. "A"
     Other symbolisms are: sin, pain and passion. The Bible says,"though your sins be scarlet, they shall be white as snow." Red has long been  connected to sin.
     Red is  associated with lust, love and beauty and connecting  to all these, is the red rose. Men often find women more attractive when they are wearing red.  The Red Rose is the one most often purchased at the florist, because of this association of the color red.
    Several phrases have been tied to the color red. "Caught red handed", meaning caught in the act of murder or blood shed. "Red Blooded", is some one who is robust,virile and top notch.
    In  some religions, red, represents, Satan and the 7 deadly sins.
    The Greeks considered the color red as a symbol of love.
     Red catches peoples attention and can be used either in a negative or positive way. Several studies show that red carries the strongest reaction of all the colors. Because of this, red is often used to get peoples attention. The best examples are, the Red Cross and the Stop sign.

19th Century Child in Red Dress.
Base of a Victorian Rocking Horse.

  Red  has been a popular color in decorating for most of all  time. The Victorians were great lovers of red. If you ever say the movie, "Molly Brown",where she decorated her Denver house in all red,  it gives you a feeling of how, the Victorians, did love that color. Red has made a comeback in the 21st century. Almost every home we see or visit has a red room, red wall or red somewhere. A lot  of this has slowed down with the latest decorating trend, all white and the absence of color. I for one,  Love Color, and why not, make it RED?I even have a red ceiling. It takes a special person to use a lot of red. It can be read in many different ways. Some will love it, while others will have a smart remark or two. Most of all, I decorate for Me. Of course, I want others to like it.,and what people think, means a lot., especially when you want to get a job in the decorating field. Having an old Victorian, Historic home, has made it easier to use a lot of red, but does not have to be the case. Red is a warm color. If you have a room that always seems cold, paint it red, and it will warm up. If you feel afraid to use red, paint a wall, it is only paint, and can be covered up very easily. Live with it awhile and see. If that is too drastic, use a red Toile or another red print and move in slowly.  And if you don't like Red, just don't use it.

Dining Room Carpet. 

Cut Velvet Throw in Ladies Parlor.

Needlepoint Lambrequin  on Mantle in Gentlemens Parlor.

Red Card Chairs in Library.

19th Century Lady in Red Dress.

    Today I am showing a lot of Red, from My Old Historic House.Please enjoy the pictures and maybe someday you can come by for a real tour. I will leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will meet you with a jump and a kiss, of course,wearing her red collar.

Valances from Double Parlor Windows.

Needlepoint Victorian Fire Screen, Ladies parlor.
Ruby Red Luster
French Gold Gilt Love Seat in Hall with Red Silk Damask covering.
Res Entrance Hall Ceiling.

Lee Jofa Toile , Entrance Hall Wallpaper.

 My Closet, see I even Wear Red.
Victorian Wedding  Dome.

Needlepoint pillows in Ladies Parlor.

Second Floor hall Chandelier.
Dining Room Dish Closet.

Tassels on Double Parlor Valances.

Details, Wallpaper, Double Parlor Ceilings.