Saturday, May 23, 2015

Buddy Boy And I Take A Walk.

It's Sunday evening, might rain, who knows, looks a little like it could. After supper Buddy and I headed out to water the plants and it was so nice in town, I thought we should take a walk. We made it through most of our town, which is about 8 blocks or so. It has been a beautiful spring, the flowers have been the best I have seen in years.

Buddy is a deal to walk, he pulls and tugs. I am building strong arms. He gets so excited when he sees another animal or even a bird. It's a little tough to hold the camera still when he is pulling me so hard. I did my best.

I am always in love when the spring flowers bloom. They are so beautiful,  after the long dark winter. I don't believe the roses could have one more bloom, there are so many. The colors are so beautiful.We went down to the river, which is still in it's banks. WE have had floods for the past few springs.

My yard is staring to shape up, the floods have done a number and killed a lot of stuff. Since I bought the old place, I have learned what will make it through the floods and what won't. It is hurtful to watch all your work, die when the old Mississippi over flows it's banks. To those of you that do not know, My old house is about 200 feet from the Mississippi. Last year the river was about 6 inches deep all the way around my house. In 168 years it has never been inside. That's good. I pray it doesn't in the future.

Who knows what the summer will bring. I hope we continue to get some nice slow rains. So far it has been a beautiful spring. Please come sometime and take a tour. I will always leave a light on, Buddy will meet ya at the door. Come on over, we'll all take a walk.