Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This is a DAY the LORD has Made.

The glory that is nature.

   Sometimes, LIFE, can get us all down. We listen to the NEWS, and hear about fires in Texas, floods in the South, Earthquakes in the US Capital, more troubles in Japan and the world's unrest. Sometimes the little troubles, that attack each and every one of us, each day, every day, can get to the best of us. Some of us have family sickness, others have money woes, and we all fight Demons that seem to be  beyond our control. I have these Demons, I suffer from depression and often worry about self worth. I fight it a lot,BUT, I usually  win. Today is one of those days. I woke up, after a pretty good nights sleep, looked in the mirror and actually liked who I saw. I felt like someone should take my picture.. But no picture of me, instead, a trip into my world, where there is beauty all around. I have to ask myself, why be depressed, when you see such wonderful sights, day in and day out? Just walking from, My Old Historic House, to work, is a real picture book of constant beauty.Every changing floral displays, amazing trees, and that mighty Mississippi River, that just keeps on rolling by.If we could only see this, be happy and not worry,life could be a much easier and a better place.Life is not always that simple,but, we must keep a good outlook! And keep the Faith.

Angels wings.

I pass this on the way from work, only yesterday it was bare, today it is in full bloom. 

Only God can make a  tree. 

Tree shaded country roads, leads to beauty everywhere.

    I took a ride and had my camera by my side. I have to admit, I am kinda lazy and just snapped photos out the car window. Down country, tree shaded roads, in and out of hidden gardens and over hill and vale. I had no agenda,just out looking for beauty. I passed the town graveyard and for some reason, the car just turned in. I find this place sad, but peaceful and I know some day ,we will all end up in such a resting place. Old forgotten grave stones, stand beneath giant trees ,and bright new ones loom above them, as one continues through the gravel path that leads me in , where some never come out.
   I spotted a dead tree, killed by a tribe, of a million or more strong, termites.One life had to end so others could continue, So true, in this life we are in. A giant bug nest of some kind, wrapped around a tender trees branch, again, making death so life can continue. The chain of events in all life, depends on others and with out one, there would not be the other.

Nature is alive and well here.

Stop and rest a spell.

Forgotten and neglected. We will all end up like this someday.

Ancient, giant trees loom in the graveyard above the tomb stones.

This is the gate into the graveyard,sometimes there is no gate out.

    I am not a very Religious person. I am not saying this because I am proud of it. It is just the path I have chosen at this time. I grew up in the Baptist church, with a mother that  read the Bible daily and lived life by it's word. I have trouble with the organized church,  I see it more as a business than the teaching of the Lords Word. This is my take, please do not let it effect you. I find I am closes to God : under a tree, in a garden, by a lake side or even in a field of weeds. As, This is the World, the Lord, has truly made. I find beauty  every where I go. Sometimes the decay and destruction has over shadowed it. Look hard and there is something, that will speak to you ,as the beauty of God's hand. In a crack in the sidewalk, I saw a snapdragon,  full grown and in  bloom. To me, that was more wonderful and grand, than a garden full of snapdragons.
    I hope you enjoy my little road trip,out and about in my home town, Clarksville,Mo. Please come some day, for a real tour. I will load you up, along with Sissy Dog, and you can see the beauty and the wonder that is all around , here in my world. I have to remind myself of this often, and fight for, more bright and sunshine filled days. I hope your life is running smooth and you too are seeing, all  the beauty, that the Lord has made.
     Richard, from, My Old Historic House, the porch light is always on.
A giant ball of rusted barbed wire adorns this garden.

I am not the only person who likes rocks. This stack was along the road side.
This is my country.

A patch of weeds, in seed, making life new for the coming season.

The tree lost it's life so the termites could survive.It's natures way.

Net bags, made by insects, will slowly suck the life from this tree. The tree must die, so the bugs can continue on.

The bounty of nature at our local farm stand.


I mentioned this banana tree before. It was a stick when I painted it this spring. From a stick, this tree has grown.

This is the day the LORD has made!