Monday, February 21, 2011

Bisque Porcelain Bust For Sale

She has a beautiful face.

Very posed with her head down and blond hair peeking out

Her markings

She is a nice large size, 17 inches tall.
   Hello everyone out there in Blogland. I am offering for sale this wonderful bisque porcelain bust. The lady is very posed, with her head slight down and her golden hair wrapped in a white drape that continues around her neck and bust. There is what appears to be a pine cone  on her bust. She is 17 inches tall and 11 inches at the widest point. I have included a picture of her with a diet coke can so you can see her size. She is among the larger bisque pieces that was produced. There is a mark on her back, which is very rare. Most bisque figures were never marked. This mark appears to be  a C with two lines through it. She almost looks Russian, but who made her, is a good question. I can tell you, she is old and in perfect condition. Here is your chance to own a very special lady. I am asking $175.00 plus $25.00 shipping. Shipping may sound high, but she needs to be double boxed and packed well.