Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MOO - over the Cow Creamers!

English Kent 19th century

French Faince

Germany Meissen

 Creamers in the shape of a cow ,with an opening or lid on its back for filling, known as,"cow creamers",originated in Holland, but became very popular in England, first with Dutch Imports,then from about 1740 on, from the Staffordshire factories. What could be more appropriate for the dispensing  of milk or cream at the table,than a cow?
    The first cow creamers were made of pewter or silver and they were imported from Holland ,in the early 18th century. Staffordshire factories in England began making cow creamers from ceramics around 1750. They have been made ever since, by other ceramic companies  from  around the world as well.. German cows have more details, but English cows  have more character. I often find English cows with smiles on there face and big eyes with long eye lashes. If you have ever seen a real cow, up close, they have beautiful eyes and long eye lashes. I think that is why cows have always been linked to romance in many ways. Silly???
Transferware,England,18th century

German Goebel

   Companies that made and still make cows are: Holland and the Delft  company. Germany and the Meissen company. England , Pratt  and  the Staffordshire companies.Also Swansea makes English transferware  cows. Rockingham and Bennington are both fine American companies that continue to make cows.The Scott have produces sponge ware cows since 1810.The Johnson Brothers from America  have as well made cows. In France there is the Farince company and also Kent Potters in England. I am sure I have left out many.It is hard to list them all. Japan and China alone must have hundreds of ceramic companies that make cows. And the German most common company to make cows is the Goebel .They have made them for years and are still a major supplier today. There is a wonderful web site that you can go to, that has more cows on display than any other I have found. I think if you like and collect cow creamers, this would be a good place to visit.  www.craig@cow-creamers.net 

Scottish sponge ware

   I started collecting cow creamers about 8 years ago. I had a week end cottage in the country and I tried to decorate it with a country animal theme.The cow creamers were part of that effort. When I first started buying them I did not have a clue how I would display them. I just had them stuck here and there. One day I walked into an antique mall in St.Louis  and right inside the door was the English pine display rack. I am sure it was originally made for kitchen tools. I picked it up and hugged it and told my friend that was with me that God had made this, just for me! He said, and what for? ( I think he thought I might have flipped.) I said, you will see. Well, it was to hang my cow creamers from. When I sold the country cottage I sold a lot of the stuff I had collected

to decorate it with. But, I knew I wanted to move the cows to my new kitchen, So here they are. I hope you enjoy the cows as much as I have. I wish you could come by for a tour. I will leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will meet you with a jump and a kiss.I also, can not help myself. I have to share a few more pictures from the garden, as Spring continues here in Missouri. I can not help but feel lucky, as there has been so many bad storms and loss in the state of Missouri. But so far, the Lord has blessed and continued to keep me and Sissy Dog safe.For that I am so grateful and so sad for the others who have gone through so much and  some have lost everything. Please keep these people and Missouri in your thoughts and prayers.

 Limoge France

French Faince