Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall in Rural Missouri

This is some of my handy work. Every thing is donated including my time.

This is outside the door to my shop, Richard's Great Stuff, in downtown, Clarksville,Mo.

This is the entrance to my little home town, Clarksville,Mo.

 Fall in Missouri is usually a very beautiful time. The hills come alive with all the changing colors of the leaves. I wondered about this year, as we had a very long, hot and dry  summer, but it seems they are going to show there stuff.
   I have spent the last couple of days decorating the whole town ,for our Apple Fest Celebration, that is this coming weekend. The town is only 490 people and covers a few city blocks. We have a local farmer, who has a farmers market, at the edge of town. One of his main crops is pumpkins. He donates bales of straw and corn stalks and the local Chamber , helps to buy the pumpkins. I have been decorating the town now for about 5 years. I have amassed a small collection of scar crows. They go on sale at the dollar store soon after Halloween and I hit the half price sale.This is one way I can give back to the community.
   I saw one little early  cottage house, all decorated up and thought that it was worth a special mention. It is the home of Ralph and Caron Quick, he is our resident Santa and also a Windsor Chair Maker. His chairs and shop have been featured in many national magazines. This little house is around 1840 and Caron has an eye for decorations. She always has this sweet little cottage done up to the nines.The inside is darling and very Colonial. Maybe some day she will let me do a blog tour. I'm going to ask her.
    At My Old Historic House, I don't seem to do a lot of decorating for fall. This year I topped my many garden urns off with a giant pumpkin. I think it is just the right amount ,to say fall ,but not to over do.I have been working on my dining room table, but I am going to keep that for another post. I am having house tour both Saturday and Sunday, as part of the Apple Fest celebration. I have been working morning and night to get ready. Polishing silver, cleaning and this morning, on my hands and knees, waxing all the hard wood floors. Every time I have to do all this, I wonder ,if I did the right thing, when I bought this old house. I can't help but wonder how many more years I can do all this.
   I hope you enjoy my tour today of Fall in Rural Missouri. I do wish you could come and see it all in person some day. You are always welcome. I will leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will be there to greet you with a jump and a kiss.I hope you have a beautiful fall season ,where ever you live.

I have a little display like this by each lamp post.

Our local farmers market stand.
Fall Mums for sale.

Ralph and Caron Quick's 1840 Colonial Cottage

All my urns were topped with giant pumpkins.