Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Will work for food.

    Well ,now that I have your attention, I will explain. My friend Nancy, up the road 9 miles, in Louisiana,Missouri., has a shop called, Kate's Attic Antiques and Mini Mall. She knows the best way to get me to do something, offer me a good meal. When you live alone, if you are  like me, you do not like to cook and eat by yourself,so I often have frozen TV dinners  or pizza. Nancy has been after me to come help her, rearrange and display her shop. I usually say OK, but we never make a date. This time she called and offered me a fried chicken dinner, my favorite, if I would come and help and give her ideas.When you are in your shop day after day, sometimes it is good to have a different persons outlook on the things. After awhile every thing starts to look boring and you can get over whelmed. I have a knack for display, always have, and that is how I made my living in the past.So, she almost made one mistake, she feed me first. But after we had our dinner, to work we went. We moved all most everything in the shop, including show cases and china cabinets. She was very generous, as she had two extra men to come and help move.  WE worked till late that night and I came back a second time, this time for a good breakfast. The shop turned out really cute so I thought I would like to share it all with you. If you see anything you like, give Nancy a call. 573-754 - 4544, and I am sure she will work out all the details. Nancy and I go on shopping trips together, I am sure you remember me mentioning her before. Her shop is a little more country  than mine. The shop has 3 big areas, the area I am showing today is Nancy's things, the other two are rented mall spaces.
    I hope you enjoy Nancy's shop. Come by any time. She is open 7 days a week. Stop by My Old Historic House first and I will show you the way. Is it OK if Sissy Dog goes with us? Better be, as I am not going if she can't go to.

Ms. Nancy on the phone offering me a chicken dinner if I would  come and help.

Please go and check out, Savvy Southern Style Blog. She is having one of the best give a ways ,I have seen. It is a  big piece of M A Hadley pottery. Just wonderful. I love it. I have a large collection, but never enough. I was suspose to put her on my side bar, but, I am to dumb with this computer to know how. I hope this works just as well as I sure would like to win. No one would love it more. Richard