Sunday, December 19, 2010

White Christmas Wishes from the Historic Elgin/Cottrell House

  What a perfect begining for the Christmas Season, a fresh fallen, white snow. I just love a White Christmas. I have been having, a little trouble getting in that Holiday  mood, but this snow is starting to bring me around.
  My  Old Historic House, was built in two stages. 1845 with an 1860 addition.It was built by Hazakieah Elgin, who came to Missouri with a Land Grant from President James Manroe.The old house stayed in the Elgin Family for over one hundred years, I am the fourth owner of the house. Because it has had such few owners, it has stayed very much intact and is one of the best examples of Ante Bellum homes in Missouri.
   I purchased the old house in 2007 and have been busy ever since, working to bring it back to its original glory.
  When I found this house the front porch was missing and the side porches were all but  falling off. These pictures are how it looks today.

My Old Historic 1845/1860  House.

This Arbor was a Fourth Birthday Gift to the House.

My Beagle Girl Prissy is at Rest  Here.The Little Plaque on the left marks her Grave.

These Storks were a First Birthday Gift to the House.

These Southern  Magnolia Trees were a Second Birthday Gift to the house.

This Gagebo was a Third Birthday Gift.

This Fountain was a House Warming Gift to the House.

Come Visit us  Anytime.
   I hope you enjoy the house in the snow. And most off all ,I   hope every one has a wonderful,White Christmas and the best and Happy Year  ever!