Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Victorian Magazine with "My Old House" is Out -Headed for news Stands!

My Favorite Shot.

The May/June Issue of Victorian Homes Magazine with 12 page article about,"My Old Historic House".

One of four centerfolds.

 After months and months of waiting, Days and days of cleaning to get ready for it, the magazine with the article about,My Old Historic House, is finally ready and is being shipped to news stands as I type. I got my copied today. I guess it is a big let down after the build up. I was so hoping to make the cover. Well- I didn't. So sad. But put that aside, I did make the magazine and there is 12 beautiful pages and that is a pretty major deal in itself.Something I have worked  for my whole adult life.Doesn't happen to everyone!
   I don't know how this happened, it might have been my fault, but Sissy Dog made the magazine,but, they listed her as Prissy. That was my dog that went to Dogie Haven a couple of years ago. I might have said Prissy. I had a Missy before Prissy, so some time when I talk about Sissy, I say Prissy.When I call her I often say Prissy or Missy. Just to many  "issy's". So I guess I did it, how else would they even have known. So be prepared, Sissy Dog has been mis-labeled and is titled Prissy. I am so sorry Sissy I wanted you to be famous.
   The pictures turned out beautiful and there is 4 centerfolds. They took 21 pictures over the period of 2 days. But they only used 9. I am so proud. I hope you get your  copy soon.  
This is my article.

Another Centerfold.

I could use this one for a table scape blog.

Here's Sissy Dog in her Antique Cotton Picket basket in my Kitchen

Love this shot of the hall and Mississippi  River.
   I have copies and if you are having trouble finding the magazine in your area, just let me know and I can mail you one. They are $5 and the postage is $1.90.Mail me a check, Richards Great Stuff, PO BOX 443, Clarksville,Mo. 63336.  $6.90   cottrellprissy@aol.com  Come by Sunday if you can. If not, come for a tour anytime. I will leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will meet you with a jump and a kiss. Richard and SISSY DOG -not Prissy.