Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lady in Red!


                                                     MY OLD HISTORIC HOUSE
Is a Blog about the 1845 Elgin/Cottrell House Museum  in Clarksville,Mo. I am the owner, writer and curator. My name is Richard Cottrell. I live in the old mansion along with my faithful dog, Sissy the Beagle. I purchased the house in 2006 and spent the last 6 years restoring it to it's original splendor. The house has been featured in many magazines, such as Victorian Homes, newspapers and TV stations. I offer tours of the entire house with  a reservation. I ask they you call at least one day in advance and have a least two people. I do charge for the tours, the fee helps me maintain the property. 573 242 9688. or email. www.cottrellprissy@aol.com. The old house was built in 1845 with a 1860 addition. It was built on land that was given to Samuel Elgin from President Manroe. Mr. Elgin's son, Hazakeiah, built the house. The bricks were hand made on the spot,by slaves. Because I am only the 4th owner, the house has stayed mostly in tack.I have used reproduction materials that represent the time period of 1860. The house very much reflects the American Ante Bellum period of history.( before the civil war.) The houses has a vast collection of antique furniture, accessories and portraits of that period. Call soon to make your appointment to come and visit Sissy and me.  where I personally guide the tours.


Richard and Sissy Dog. Kitchen


               Today the  blog is about a Lady in Red. She is one of my many ,"store bought relatives." my family never had money to have portraits painted, so when I started making some money, I bought me some relatives. I have named this lady, my rich cousin Julia. I call her rich because of her velvet dress with fancy lace trim and her gold, ruby and diamond jewelry. I had a lady friend named Julia. She was from a very well to do  family, that's where I got this ladies name. Who she really is? I have no ideal.

   This painting is done with oil on canvas. Her cloths, jewels, hairstyle and background, all indicate that she was painted around 1850-1880.She is beautifully done, especially the velvet of her dress and the lace. She has a beautiful, kind and sweet face. When she sat for this portrait she wore all her jewelry, and it is very fine and beautiful.She must have been a real lady of means.

    Julia hangs in the Up River or Ladies parlor at the Elgin/ Cottrell House. She always gets lots of attention, as do all the other portraits.That is why I made up the story about, store bought relative. People always chuckle when I say that and it seems to make them happy, as I have no real ideal who she really is.
    I wish you would consider coming for a tour. I will leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will always meet you with a jump and a kiss. If you can't come today, maybe soon. You all are always welcome.