Monday, October 10, 2011


My nieces, Elizabeth in the white and Linda in the yellow.
     This past weekend was  the Apple Fest Celebration in my hometown, Clarksville,Mo. We have been getting things ready for days. I had, My Old  Historic House, open for tour for two days. It is a lot of work, what with the cleaning, yard work, advertisement and rounding up help. Every thing turned out wonderful, including the weather, it was a beautiful sun filled weekend, in the low 80's.My sister and sister in-law helped out, by  running my gift shop, Richard's Great Stuff. My two beautiful nieces, Linda and Elizabeth, got all dolled up in Ante -Bellum costumes and helped with the tours. My neighbor and dear friend, Marilyn, arrived in a beautiful purple satin ball gown and she was also the hostess with the mostest.We had fun greeting all the wonderful guest as the arrived for a tour. A charter bus load came from as far away as Jeffereson City, Mo. They were delightful. I got on the bus and with the help of a speaker gave them a brief history of the house and then they were allowed to just wonder. My beautiful ladies were there to help answer any questions. Every one was most gracious. Some one commented that they felt like they were on a movie set. Camera flashes were a common thing and all the girls were more than agreeable to pose for their picture.The one question they all asked was, "Who cleans this place?" I always have a dust rag in my hip pocket, pull it out, hand it toward them and say, "Help Yourself." This is always a crowd pleaser. I am serious, but they just laugh.I had the whole house sparking like the  brightest star in the Heavens,polished silver for days.
    To make things a little more hectic, I threw a big party on Saturday even. I served home made chili and some 35 guest came bringing there favorite desert or snack. We had so much food, the people were fun and some ended up on my screen porch and stayed till close to mid-night. My Old Historic House, is a wonderful place to entertain and I like nothing better than having company. What a beautiful, warm, cool night to spend on the porch. It is October in Missouri and we may not have many more chances to party on the porch.
My Historic House.
   I wanted to share some of the fun and excitement with all of you. I feel you are all my friends and some even feel like family.. I had one blogger friend ,travel 2 hours for the tour. Ms. Janice from, Curtains in my trees. She is the sweetest little lady I think I have ever meet. We hit it off and I even gave her lunch on the porch. I my not be a Real  Southerner,  but when it comes to visitors, I can slop on the sugar. And we always have to eat, can't let any one leave with out something to eat. This is how it was in my home when I was growing up.


My dining room table.

The fall foliage is beautiful this year.
   I hope you enjoy the tour today. I wish you could have been her in person, we could still be enjoying that porch and  a big glass of sweet tea. Come any time. I will leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will always meet you with a jump and a kiss. I almost forgot, Ms. Janice, brought me a wonderful bottle of Missouri wine and a special big basket full of treats for Ms. Sissy Dog. When she called her name, Sissy ran and gave her a big  jump and a  kiss.All these  sweet girls,  what more could a man want?

 This bus  is from our state capital, Jefferson City,Mo. It had 45 people. I always welcome bus tours. Plenty of parking. Rent a bus, get a group and come on down to Clarksville.

The Bus tour hostess.

The silver was polished.

Sage and lavender from the garden is arranged among the pumpkins on the dining room table.

Elizabeth helping in the Down River, Gentlemen Parlor.

Elizabeth in the Ladies, Up River Parlor.

Linda in the Ladies Parlor.

My beautiful friend Marilyn on the entrance  stairs.

Marilyn showing a needlepoint face screen.

Three generations. My niece Elizabeth, her daughter Ashton and her daughter, 7 month old, Karah

Me with Janice, from Curtains in my tree- blogger.Be sure and check out her latest post, it is all about, My Old Historic House.

Ms. Janice, ain't she pretty and sweet.

I have 12 pumpkins on this table. "Go big," is my motto.

Sun set on a the Mississippi, ending to another Apple Fest in Clarksville,Mo. See you next year.