Friday, May 17, 2013

Yes, we are open!

   It has been about  10 days since  all the  excitement of a flood in my little town, Clarksville,Mo. We had three days warning that the Mississippi River was going to rise about 15 feet in 3 days. I had never heard of a flash flood on this river, but we got one. At 25 foot the river begins to flood. At 32 feet it is in the street out front of my shop. At 34 feet it is at the edge of my yard. We built a  flood wall out of sand, gravel, plastic sheets and sand bag. It had never been done before. Who knew if it would work. It was done and it did work.. All was safe and dry.I  had a lot of faith, I moved nothing in the shop nor my house. Now we go into that wait stage to see if the river is going to act up again. When it is below flood stage at 25 feet, I am told they will start taking all this away. In the mean time, I need to be open and doing some business. There was about 10 days there when all the work was going on,  there was no way to be open. I did sell a bistro table and chairs to one of the National Guardsmen that was sent here to help. He bought it for his wife for mothers day. Helped him and sure helped me.
   There is a 5 foot tall sand bag wall about 2 feet from my shop. It is a good 30 foot long. People have to park and brave coming down here. There is no danger, but looks  a little like a war zone. I fixed up this old wicker chair as an open sign. I put it on and off the wall daily. It can be seen from the road and I hope it gets a little attention. It will be awhile before all is back to normal. Not as long a it might be, if that Old Man River behaves himself and keeps rolling on.
  I wish you all could come shop. It really is an adventure. I'd sure appreciate the business and would be so much fun to have you. I can promise you that Sissy Dog will meet you at the door with a jump and a kiss. You're always welcome.
   PS. I was just thinking. What would have happened a hundred years ago when no one had computers, telephones, radios, TV and anything else, that would have given the people here in this town ,on that river, any warning. It would have been sad. I guess they might have had some time to move things as the water continued to rise. I am glad this is the 21st century and we continue to get better and better electronic devices to help warn us of weather and floods.