Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine Goodies For Sale.

German  Dresden Cherub Compote

13 inches  tall and 11 inches wide and 5 inches deep.

$125.00 plus $20 shipping .

Velvet and English Rose Chintz Shoe Holder.

20 inches by 40 inches, hold 6 pair of shoes.

$35.00 plus $8.00 shipping.

Set of 10 Italian Pink Rose Place Card Holders

Just Sold to a Southern Bloger.

Just sold to a smart Blogger.
A wood hanging sign with printed design of cherub and hearts.

Ribbon to hang, glitter trim.

11 by 20 inches.$20.00 plus $10.00 shipping.

Just sold to a happy blogger.

Hand quilted framed pot of flowers.

11 by 15 inches, $15.00 plus $9.00 shipping.

A Valentine covered memory box.

9 by 11 inches and 3 inches deep. looks like old book.

Beautifully done, $20.00 plus $10.00 shipping.

Inside the box.

A rose petal covered red high heal shoe.

10 by 6 inches, made of wire with silk velvet petals.

$15.00 plus $7.00 shipping.



Heart shaped wire red basket.

$12.00 plus $8.00 shipping , 12 inches by 6 inches

Hand pained with Roses  Vase 10 inches by 5 inches tall.
 4 triple rolls of Lee Jofa Historic Toile wall paper. SORRY SOLD

$65.00 plus $10.00 shipping late 1800's.

  Welcome to Richard's Great Stuff, A gift shop in connection with Richard's historic home , The 1845 Elgin  / Cottrell House Museum, in Clarksville,Missouri. I have a collection of Romantic,Victorian inspired,Valentines for sale in the gift shop. I wanted to share them with you and maybe you would like to order some for your Valentine or to decorate with. Just give me a call. Thanks, Richard 573 242 9688  You can pay with Master Card or Visa by phone, and I will ship out the very next day.

TOILE ( pronounced - "twahl" )

  The word, Toile, basically means fabric or paper, printed in one color with a white or light background.
  Toile, entered the English language around the 16th century from a French word meaning,"linen cloth ", or "canvas". The word Toile in modern English has multiple meanings. Toile  de Jouy ,is sometimes abbreviated to simlpy,"Toile". Toile is a type of decorating pattern consisting of usually white background on which a repeated pattern ,depicting a fairly complex scence,generally of a pastoral theme, is the subject.  Toile also, often consist of an arrangement of flowers, where the pattern portion is a single color wave on a white or lite background.
   Toile is mostly  associated with fabric,though Toile wallpaper, is also very popular. Mordern companys have reproduced some wonderful patterns and made them  available on the market today.
  Toile de Jouy ,originated in France, in the late 18th century. In the French language, the phrase means, cloth from Jouy, a town of north central France. It was used since the 18th century, but it has experienced a marked upsurge in popularity in the 21st century.
   I have had, a Love affair with Toile for many years. I never seem to get tired of it. There was a few years there, when the world went Toile crazy, that I lost a little favor with it. I must admit, seeing it on tolet paper holders, bath towels and just about ever surface imaginable, could turn one off. I managed to move on from there, and it  is back in my graces. I love the old French patterns, and colors. I have tried to use a little bit of Toile in almost every room of my house. Some of the fabrics I have used are actually vintage or antiques, where others are reproductions. I just can 't keep from smiling when I see a beautiful Toile. Each one tells a story, like no other media can . I hope that Toile remains as popular as ever, and to me it  is ageless and never seems to be out of date.

Antique Dutch Colonial Chair with  Vintage Toile in Kitchen.

Geroge Washinton Vintage Toile by Schumacher.

I found this old vintage Toile in a warehouse sale.


Brown and White Toile in Laundry Room / Pantry.

Roman Blinds of  Brown and White Toile and Brown Gighman.

A Broom Closet was made with a Toile Curtain.

This Toile is called Four Seasons and it is by Schumacher.

Entrance Hall with Lee Jofa Toile Wallpaper.

This is a French reproduction Toile by Lee Jofa called Allegorie A L'Amour.

The colors are very Rich.

I wanted to show you my Gothic Window.

This wallpaper makes a great  Background for paintings.

A nice spot to read in the Library.

This  is an English Toile Reproduction made by Lee Jofa and designed by Christopher Moore.

Again a nice backdrop for my Rare and Unusual Iron Victorian Sofa.

A great view of the Library, very English.

Antique Toile Down Filled Quilt.

Love this Pattern and  Color.

This quilt was  bought by a friend at a house sale, sold to another friend,who sold it to me. 

Lee Jofa Historic reproduction Toile in My Bed Room.

Did I tell you my sweet Sister made all my Curtains?

The pattern on the Toile is very big.

A computer at the paint store matched the green paint to the wallpaper.

I just love the white wicker with the dark green paint and Toile paper.
   So set back and enjoy the Toile journey through, My Old Historic House.
I have included many pictures, so you can get the feel of the house and the Toile.  Have Fun!!!!!
    I have 4 rolls of the Entrance Hall Lee Jofa Toile that I would like to sell. Each roll is a triple and is 33 yards or 99 feet long. If you have 9 foot ceilings, each roll would make 10 strips. It is hand printed on very heavy stock and is not prepasted. It goes up really easy. If you are interested, just call. 573 242 9688. Sorry, I just sold it to a lucky bloger.
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