Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Even at 64 there is still a little KID in me.

I need to work on the tree skirt, a T towel is not the best for the job. Maybe a quilt?

  Last night as I ate in the kitchen, with a fire in the fireplace, I got to thinking it would be nice to have a tree in there with me and Sissy. Before you know it, up to the attic, 2 boxes found, marked feather tree ornaments and I just unpacked them  and got started. It is a  6 foot feather tree also from the attic. Every year I long for a real tree, but every year there seems to be too many reasons not to. So, this will have to do. I had fun re-discovering ornaments from years past. There is corn on the cob, chickens, sheep,  fish and ducks, all very good for a Kitchen Christmas Tree.Sorry no lights, just the twinkle and glow from the overhead chandelier as it's light hits the ornaments and makes them all a glitter. I guess even at 64, we all still have a little child in us somewhere. I'm glad I put it up, will enjoy it through the season. It's when I am taking it down and packing all away, I will remember why I don't do a tree theses days. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Come visit me and Sissy Dog anytime. I will always leave a light on and she will always greet you with a kiss. Happy New year too!

I have enough Christmas ornaments to decorate the  White House. I have been collecting them since I was 12. I have not bought any in a few years, but who knows when that might change. In the mean time it is sure good to know they are in the attic when you want them.