Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sea Shells in the Library!

Some times I am overwhelmed by the kindness of people. Today was a very special day in my heart. A sweet lady, who I know only through my antique shop, Downtown Antique Mall,and as a tourist, several times through, My Old Historic House, came a calling with the nicest gift. I was over whelmed and beside myself. I have received several gifts for, My Old Historic House and every time I am just so thrilled.  

This sweet lady had toured my home  several times, she has also brought others to tour, including several groups. On one of my tours she asked about some brass window cornices in the kitchen. I said they were a gift from a tourist in Kentucky. She said, people give the house gifts. And I answered yes and never gave it another thought.

Those of you who follow my blog, know I am a collector  of Victorian Glass Specimen Domes. These glass domes were highly praised in Victorian times, 1830 -1900, and held many fun and unusual items. At my house I have domes with, clocks, dolls, dead birds, wax fruit, silk flowers and the list is endless. I did not have one with sea shells. I do love sea shells and have lots of them in French Wire planters on all my porches. This nice tourist lady, saw my domes, saw my love for sea shells and gave a dome full of shells she had, to me for my tour house.

This is beyond generous.OH MY!!hen she arrived with it, being the big baby I am, tears were in my eyes. It is tall, full of the most wonderful shells and just beautiful. I put it in the library on the center of the room table. The library has many other domes already and it seemed a good spot for it. I can close my eyes and see the Elgin children studying the shells and learning all there names.

If you love sea shells and domes like I do, you are sure to like this dome. Please come anytime for a tour. The lights are always on and Sissy Dog is always at the door with a kiss.