Monday, January 5, 2015

My Heart Is Broken, My Sissy Is Gone!

How knows why things happen?  Who is to say why we are made to suffer so? Are we not doing right, have we gone astray? I have no answers. All I know is sometimes the pain is more than one can bear. A week before Christmas my Sissy Dog was acting funny, not quite herself. At first I never thought anything about it. But, as the day went on, she seemed to be less and less that once lively, sweet, energetic, loving dog, that she has been for the last 6 years.This was Thursday the 20th of December.
The next day I was late for work as I took Ms. Sissy to the Vet's office first thing. She was not that bad, just not herself. The doctor saw that Sissy was holding her little head down, so she suggested x-rays. The results were some trouble with her spine. Sissy has always been an active dog. She has gone on more than one big adventures, where it took hours and hours to get her back home. She jumps up on my big old antique bed, into the fan and on top my head when I set in the kitchen chair and watch TV. The vet gave her pills and said she was to have rest for the next week.
I took her to work that day and then home, where she was given her pills and put to bed. She was no better or no worse they next day. So I took her to work with me again. I have trouble leaving her, I loved her so. I guess getting in and out of the car and going in and out of the shop was a little much, so the next day I oped to leave her home. She seemed a little weaker and not the sweet, loving little girl she used to be.
Sissy was very spoiled and very much loved. She had the full fun of My Old Historic House, shop and any where else we might end up. She never took advantage of this, as she was a perfect little girl and so beautiful.I never minded her being in an antique needlepoint chair, it was her house too.
Sissy never meet a stranger, loved all people and animals. Even when mean old cats would slap her, she would just back up gently and have a look on her face, like," why did you do that?"Get meet people coming in the shop and at the house with jumps and kisses. She knew all our good friends and she evn knew the sound of one of our friends truck. Bruce used to walk Sissy when I had to be away for the day and she could not go. When she heard his truck, she'd perk up and be so excited. If he did not stop in and say hello, she's wait by the door with a sad look.
Christmas day I stepped out for a few hours and went to a friends house for lunch. I stayed a little long, but when I go home, Sissy was at the door to greet me, tale wagging, and that kiss, kiss  was coming out. I thought, what a great Christmas Present, My Sissy is coming back. I made a pallet on the parlor floor so we would not have to go up the stairs for bed and I could be close to Sissy at night. I don't mind sleeping on the floor, but it is not easy to get up and down. Sissy usually sleeps under the covers with me or under my arm. Since she has been sick, she was sleeping on a pillow close by, I missed her.
The day after Christmas Sissy had gone a little backwards. I thought maybe she had over done by meeting me at the door and because I forgot to put something in the wing chair in the kitchen, she had jumped in and out of it. She was not great, a little slow and cautious. I wasn't really worried, but longed for her to come back to me. By this time she was on complete bed rest except bath room breaks. She wanted to go around the block to find just the right spot. It took her awhile, but she was steady on.

The next day Sissy was worse, her pills were running short so I called the vet and she said come get refills and we talked. She assured me that she needed time and said to make the bath room walks shorter and to lift her up and down the side porch stairs and by all means give her the pills. I worshiped this dog, I prayed over her daily. I even asked the Lord to take me and spare her. I wanted my little girl back. It became harder and harder for me to leave her for hours when I had to go to work. She was so weak in the mornings when I left, I never knew what to expect when I got home. But, I had to work.
New Years eve a friend of mine came and brought dinner as I did not want to go out and leave my little girl. Sissy sat under the table and wanted a bite or two. By the time he had gone, she was on her pallet and was hardly moving. I called the vet the next morning as Sissy was really week then. She did not want to get up and when she did she was walking on her front ankles and dragging her back feet. Another call to the doctor said she needed the pill dosage upped so I did. This made her out of it and the Sissy I knew and loved was no longer there.

I went to work on Saturday and my neighbor and good friend of mine and Sissy's came and checked on her. She called and said she was week, but she had gone out side and made it back in. When I got home that night, she was down and did not want to go out or move. I did get her to take her pills and eat and drink a little.  I was so worried. The next day I called the doctor and she said to keep giving the pills, keep her warm and quiet and bring her in on Monday. That was today.
 I had to go to work at 11 PM and work till 5 AM. I hated to leave her, but I had to go. I worried all night about her. When I got home Sissy was very low, not responding, I rushed her to the doctor, but she passed while we were in route. The doctor said she had had a stroke, her heart gave out and the pain was to much. She was gone. It didn't seem right, but the fact was, she was gone.
I'll never know how a beautiful, healthy, sweet, little dog can go down so fast and there seemed to no way to help her or stop it. I just have to muster up all my strength now and try and get through this. My Sissy that you all knew and loved to hear about is gone, gone for ever, never more to kiss me, snuggle with me and be there when I needed her most. I loved you more than any one will ever know. You were beautiful and wonderful. My sweet little girl that came from the streets to the mansion, where she lived like a queen and made me the happiest person in the world for a little over 6 years. Rest in Peace my sweet little girl. I still don't know why,but I have to except it.