Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Cards - December 2012

   Every now and then we all find ourselves with a budget problem. That is me this Christmas. So I had to be creative. I always enjoy sending and getting Christmas cards. It is a time to catch up with family and friends and give a little cheer. It is so exciting to open them up and see what people have chosen. Some are big, some small, small serious while others are plain. I always know who will send the funny ones, the religious ones and the ones with family pictures. I  came up with this idea a few weeks ago and have been having fun making and sending them.. I have two versions, one for the serious on my list and the second for the fun lovers. Some people with children and a very few who are extra special, I send large envelopes with dozens and dozens. I know it must be fun and a surprise to open that envelope up and see snow flakes fall ever where.

    I made this picture of, My Old Historic House. I got a card last year with this snow and winter scene. I cut the center out and added a picture of my house behind. They print up really good and cost only a few pennies to print on the computer. I bought extra white paper and a little bit heavier than normal, just to make them a little bit nice. On this card I printed a little verse I came up with." I am dreaming of a white Christmas. Just like the ones  we used to know. And to make sure we all will have one, I'm sending you some snow!!!

  The fun loving card is kind of a cop out. I found this picture on Facebook and copied it. I probably broke a law??? Sorry. I wrote on it. " The snowmen, not you!!! Have a White Christmas on me."
   Snow flakes have been made for many a year. I was taught the art of making them in grade school. Latter when I was an elementary art teacher, I loved seeing the kids faces as they created some of there own. They are a very fun and in expensive way to decorate or send cards. All scraps of paper, even tiny pieces can be used. I iron mine with the electric iron set on high or cotton. This takes all the fold marks out and makes them extra nice. I have them on my tree this year and hanging from my library chandelier.
   In closing, just remember, it doesn't have to cost a lot to send a Christmas wish or give a little present. Hope your Holidays are coming along and especially hope we all have a 'White Christmas." I know I will and so will my friends and family. Give it a try next year. I think people will like it.
       Merry Christmas,  from Richard ,at My Old Historic House, and especially Sissy Dog!!!