Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Looks Like Days Gone By- On this Old River

   Last night was a fun evening. It was so hot and the store had been very slow. I walked Sissy Home and saw a wonderful sight. Docked right out side, My Old Historic House, was this beautiful paddle wheeler. She was freshly painted and all done up with red, white and blue bunting. Her smoke stacks stood. tall and proud. People were getting off her at the Clarksville landing. We have lots of river boats through out the year, but the seldom stop and no one ever get's off. This  boat is fairly new. She looks great. It offers dinner and sight seeing tours. If it is a more than one day trip, the passengers have to get off, stay in a hotel and re-board the next day. she is not a sleeper.
   I meet the Captain and Owner. A very nice young man. he invited a small bunch of us viewers to come aboard and take a tour. I was delight and with my camera in hand, I snapped my was in and around the boat.
   "The Spirit of Peoria," is her name and sight seeing is her game. Peoria is in Illinois and up the river about 125 miles. This boat stops in Springfield,Ill. "Land of Lincoln." and Hannibal,Mo. Land of " Mark Twain. Mr. Twain, besides being Missouri's most famous writer, was also a river boat captain and probably  landed his paddle wheeler in this  same spot. You know me, never miss a chance to get attention to, My Old Historic House. I told the Captain we were right across the street from her. he wants more information and pictures, so maybe we will be added to the next site seeing tour. Yip,Yip,EEEEEEE.

    Even though the Spirit was a new boat she looked pretty good. Floral carpet, much like the ones of the late 1800's covered her floors. Shiny bright white tin ceilings  held up mini chandeliers. There was fancy velvet swags at the windows and river boat prints of all kinds decorated her walls.
   We toured the engine room, dining hall,  show floor and the wheel house.  There was a wonderful breeze coming off the water and it was so enjoyable to see the giant paddle wheel turn, throwing a fine mist of water about the hot evening air.
   The prices aren't bad. Especially for a 3 or so hour trip. I have always dreamed of a river cruse, so maybe I can now put it on my bucket list.
   Enjoy the pictures. Take the tour right along beside me. Who knows, next time the Spirit docks here in Clarksville,you just might be on it and across the street we will go for a tour of, My Old Historic House. The lights are always on and what a better experience could any one have.
   Seeing the beautiful boat dock and a personal tour, brought me some joy, after all, it was been 77 days since the flood season started on this river. We have had  a sand bag walls all that time. They are still here ,as we are not completely sure that it is 100% over.I know I am sure over it. Living on the river can be titled," The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." It is beautiful and good to see these boats go up and down and dock. To hear there music and see the smoke stacks in the sunset. . It is bad because there is always a danger of flooding. And the ugly, is the floods themselves. One has to give and take when living on the river. I'll take it all and give as much as I can. " Old man River, just keep rolling along!!!