Saturday, July 26, 2014

My New Spaces At The Antique Mall.

My Shabby Chic Booth
 I made a decision to close my shop and take several spaces at my friends Antique Mall. This way I am free to do a little something else. I moved in the shop the first of June, so this is my second month. I think I already need more space.
   I divided my stuff into groups and did theme booths. I have 2 Country booths. Garden. Shabby Chic. World Bazaar and Traditional, so far. When I was young I loved the World Bazaar Stores that were in all the Shopping Malls. I think there were early for runners of Pier One. I just loved all the treasures from around the world.

World Bazaar Booth, Treasures from around the World

   I just wanted to share a few pictures with you today of my new adventure.
   If you ever get to this part of the world, please make an effort to stop in and look around. The Shop is, Kate's Attic Antiques and Mini Mall. I'd be the mall part. It is located at 505 Georgia Street, Louisiana,Mo. Do you know that this is the only town in America named Louisiana? It is a sweet old river town, on the Mississippi. The new shop is far enough away from the river that it doesn't flood. Made sure of that. Enjoy.

Garden Booth

Shabby Chic, with the Chic Part

Pretty in Pink

Traditional Booth

Just for Fun!
Just wore Sissy Out, All this moving stuff.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Working out the problems, one at the time!

   It has been awhile since I have posted on my blog. It just has not been in the cards. So much has happened, including," water under the table." Meaning really another Mississippi River  flood. I grew up close to the river and have seen a few floods before. Never as often as we are seeing them today. The River has a mind of it's own and man has tried over and over again to control it, but, I'm afraid it just can't be done.
 I made my self a promise last year after we had the third worse flood in history, it was 88 days from the moment we started sand bagging till the bags were taken away, that I would get out of my shop before the next flood. I guess I am just not smart. I have a house and a business on the banks of the Mississippi. Well I kept my promise. I closed my shop the end of June and the flood started the next day. Thank goodness I only had the house to contend with. The flood we had this year was a shocker. I really didn't believe we were going to have a flood. But, here it came. Thank goodness  for computers, you can go right to a site and see what's up with the river. It will tell you up to the inch how high it is going to be. I just think about in 1845, when my house was built, that those poor people had no ideal the river was coming up until it began to over flow it's bank. They had no ideal how much it would flood, when it would happen and how long it would last. At least we have that information today.
  In case you did not know it, I closed my shop, Downtown Antique Mall. I got tired of working 7 days a week and 5 years without a vacation. I have a friend that has a Antique Mall in Louisiana,Mo., about 9 miles from the old shop and I have taken several spaces in her mall. I am leaving all the responsibility to her, all the book keeping and so forth and so on that goes along with having a shop. I will work a few days in exchange for booth rent. I am hoping it is a win win situation for both of us. And the good thing is, it is not close to the river and never, ever will flood.
  My old 1845 house has gone through several floods in it's 168 years, three since I have owned it. I bought the house in 2006 and we had the third worse flood in history in 2008. It was a real learning experience.  Millions of sand bags were filled and we build a wall all the way around my house. It was a island. It was also a mess to clean up. Although the sand bags keep the river away from the house, water does seep under. This means several pumps were used to pump it back out. Someone had to man those pumps, fill them with gas and keep them running 24-7. That someone was me. It was a two month ordeal. I lived at the house with no utilities, had food brought in by boat and had to tight rope a sand bag wall to take Sissy to the bath room. But I did it and all was well. Cleanup took months.
   Every flood is different and different methods are used to fight it. The flood we had last year, we made a wall from gravel, right down the middle of the street, in front of my house. It went up much faster and was much easier to take away. Our little town of 450 people, paid for those two floods. It almost bankrupted the town. This year the city officials voted not to pay for flood prevention. It was up to each person to do there own. With the prediction being what it was, I knew where the water would be, so I just chose to let it flood. It was emotional, but it has worked out. I have some brown grass, dirty side walks and a very wet basement, but otherwise, all is well.
   I am hoping that some day, SOON, I can sell my home and get away from this flooding problem. When I was a kid, the floods came every 20 years. Then 15. Now it has been 2 years in a row. I am sure people messing with the river has caused this. When you build banks to hold the river back, it has to go somewhere. Damns have been build to control the debt for barge travel, I fear they can control the river, more than we ever will know. I love this old house, but enough is enough. I am sure it will be very hard to find a buyer, what with this flooding happening so regularly. Stranger things have happened.
  Anyhow, keep me in your prayers. Help me find what is right for me to do. And for now, all is well at, "My Old Historic House."