Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Snow Drift in front of my Store.

This is my screen porch. What a mess.

My Side Porch.Lemonaide any one?

Side patio with snow up to chair seats.

My neighbor Stacy's car.

Can you believe this is my screen porch? Snow 3 feet deep.

Out my front window looking at the Mississippi River.

This is what I had to walk through to go to dinner at my neighbors last night.

I worry so about my Southern  Magnolias .

This is a small path I made out the door this morning.

Out and about town with the snow.

This might be the meaning of life! What do you think?
  Over the past few days and nights we have had some really bad weather. The news was saying this for days, but somehow, I just didn't want to believe it. Well we got it.The wind was bad, kept me up most of the night. We have snow drifts as tall as me. I had a time walking Ms. Sissy Dog. She fell under a few times and looked up at me like, "are you nuts." There is a drift  up to my neck in front of my shop. My screen porch has 3 feet in it, and as there is no outside door, so  I am scopping it up in buckets and putting it in the kitchen sink. Could have been worse, as so far ,we still have power. I had dinner at my neighbors last night and her three dogs and Ms. Sissy sure had a good time. I hope you all are safe,warm and dry. Richard at My Old Historic House.