Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another Flood Update.

This is a view out our window today as we camp in the shop window.

Looks a little like a war zone.

This is how it looked the first day, nice and neat, then all hell broke loose.
   Thanks to all the wonderful bloggers that have commented and sent there ,love because of the flood that I am going through right now. It was almost a flash flood. They told us last Wednesday morning the river was going to be  10 feet over flood stage in 3 days. The entire main street, including my Historic Home and Antique Mall are right on the river. It was a scramble. We had to put up flood walls, move out, and up, and sand bag an entire town. It is amazing how people come from everywhere to help. It was  like a fast moving motion picture to watch the sand bags fill and the walls appeared from out of no where. It makes you believe in man kind. It is kind of hard to do that these days with all the bad that goes on in the world. School shootings, stabbings, attacks and on and on. We still live in one of the greatest countries in the world. It sure was proved to me the past few days.
   Our Governor sent the national guard and they have worked endless, They were the best and just took control. There was also an amazing group of young people. Women and men. They looked like teenagers. They were sent by Americore. They were the brains behind the whole thing. They have worked day and night, going with out sleep or showers. In water, on machinery and what ever else was needed. It was a blessing we had them. I just can not believe such young people could do so much. They get very little pay. Sleep on the floor and works hours with no rest.
   The locals here in my town came together and opened a soup kitchen. It was in a church basement right here in down town Clarksville. People have carried in the most amazing food from fired fish, chicken, home made pies, cakes and cookies. The workers have been so spoiled they will never want to leave.When I am not working on sand bags I like to go to the soup kitchen and help out. It is a lot more fun. I made chicken pot pie, pea salad, breakfast eggs  and fried apples. Tomorrow I am making bread pudding.
    We also had two other groups. The men and women from our local prisons. They were amazing. The hardest working people I have ever seen., I worked beside them making sand bags, I learned there names and history. They know they did wrong, but when it was time to help us, there could be no better. One man said he had been in prison for 10 years for killing some one. Another man was in for 2 because he had bought a lot of stolen stuff from a robbery. One lady was called Mary Ann and she was so beautiful and you could tell she had a very good up bringing. I did not ask her story. All the ladies cracked up when I called the sweet pea, sugar plum and honey bun. We laughed as we worked like we had never worked before.I was bad and gave them candy behind the guards back. I tried to give them hugs but that was a no no. I for one am so grateful for them and must find a way to tell them so.,
 Today some of the workers were leaving us and they all gave us hugs and some of us actually cried.
  The flood is far from over. There could be a surge any day. There is usually at least 3 crest. We have only had the first.There is lost of snow up north that still has to melt. We are in this for awhile yet. In the mean time, I have lost a hot water heater. My basement will have to be professionally cleaned so it will not mold. I have lost a large section of side walk. Some of my iron fence was destroyed. They yard is trashes as well as my gravel parking lot. The shop will be closed for at least a month and perhaps more. It is hard to think about as it and my Social Security are my only income.I know some how the Lord will provide and for now I am not going to worry about it.I know the money will come from somewhere just like all these workers came.
   I am glad I had this time to unwind and tell some of my story. This is the second flood I've gone through. The first was in 08, just 2 years after I bought the house. I have to say this one was a lot less stressful., being 5 years older did not actually help. It might be time to think about moving on.
   If you have read my blog ,you know I have this old beautiful home. I love it very much. But, when it starts to take your life, it might be time to think of other options.
   I know I have made some typos, and I am sorry, but with what I have been through. You figure it out. Sissy and I love you all and love hearing from you. When this is all over and the sand bags come down, we would love to have you come for a visit. God bless you all.
This is the riverfront only a few feet outside my shop. The river had not even reached the park at this point. 

 Sissy has gone to bed. She is wore out and mixed up. Our lives have been turned inside out  for the past few days.