Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Strategical Vision.

BEFORE: This is how the doll house looked when I  first brought it home.

AFTER: This is how it looks today. 3 coats of fresh paint and a new foundation.

     If you are reading my blog for the first time, you may not know that I took on a new project this year. It is a Second Empire styled doll house. I bought it for myself  as a Christmas Present. It was a kit, but was already assembled. It had lots of issues and needed a major over haul. I have been doing that these past weeks. It is kinda a sad look at my boring life. Living in a small town does not give you lots of options for entertainment. The nearest movie theater is miles away and for other amusements, like the Art Museum, Botanical Garden and so on, one has to drive 70 miles to St.Louis. I have a little gift/antique shop that I go to everyday. It also serves as my office. I have my computer there and do my blog and Etsy online shop there. Some days  I have no customers, on most week days, very few. Weekends are busier and during special events, we do better. Well, as I said to pass the hours away I took on the doll house project.
   I introduced you all to it at the end of December. Since then I have worked like a mad man and have made great progress.I would like to share with you some before and after pictures of the house. I hope you enjoy them, When it is all done it will go to live in the library at, My Old Historic House. Until then it is always  available for viewing at my shop, Richard's Great Stuff, in downtown Historic Clarllsville,Mo..Come anytime and we can also walk one block down the street and see the house. I always have the lights on and Sissy Dog always meets you with a big jump and a kiss. This weekend in Clarksville is Eagle days. people come from far and near to watch, count and study the American Bald Eagles, that come here every winter to fish in the Mississippi River. We hope for large crowds and I hope that some of them will stop by my shop and  spend some money. I have one bus tour of 30, signed up for a house tour on Saturday. I look forward to showing another group my old house. It is very rewarding, especially when you hear that first,"WOW!" And then there is that usual question, some one always asked."Who cleans this place?"

BEFORE: This is the attic bed room when I got the doll house. Ain't it pretty?

AFTER: This is the attic bedroom today. I made the bed spread and canapy from some old lace. All the furniture came from Nancy's shop. Kate's Attic

This fireplace mantle came with the house, it was dark mahogany and I painted it white. I wanted the attic bedroom to have a somewhat Shabby Chic look.Right in style of todays trends.

BEFORE: Library, don't you love the wallpaper job?

AFTER: The library today. I made the curtains out of an old lace handkerchief. My niece gave me the globe and it is actually a pencil sharpener.

BEFORE: This is the entrance hall as it looked when I got the house.  Notice the awful tile floor.

AFTER: This is the first floor hall as it looks today. I removed most of the tile, wallpapered the paneling and added wall to wall carpet in a Empire style.

BEFORE: Attic room.

AFTER: Attic room now.

This dress form came from Nancy's shop. She has more in other colors. Even a wedding dress one. Very reasonable

    My friend Nancy, who I have  mentioned many time before in my blog, has a shop 9 miles up the road in Louisiana, Mo. Kate's Attic and Mini Mall. Nancy is a auction goer. I have no patients for it.  Here while back she bought a lot of doll house furniture at an auction. Must have  been a doll shop, as a lot of things were  still in packages. Most of the furniture that I have for my doll house came from her. It is very reasonably priced. Call her if you are interested.. I'm sure she would work with you and ship. 573 -754 -4544.
    I found my doll house wallpaper and carpet on line. They have a huge selection, especially for those wanting to do a doll house of the Victorian period.
  I hand made all the curtains and bed spread that you will see today. Yes, with a needle and thread. 
  Be sure and pay special attention to the ceilings. This is very typical of ceilings you would have found in a 1870 Second Empire Victorian house. 
   I hope you enjoy my progress. Remember, I love your comments, makes my little life a whole lot better.

BEFORE: Second floor hall

AFTER: Second floor hall. I am still waiting for more of the red and gold Empire style carpet to come. I wallpapered the awful wood paneling. 

This is the formal parlor today. I am still waiting for the carpeting. I am making burgandy velvet drapes for the back bay window today.
I found these little Dresen, gold paper, pieces on line. I used them for cornices. I am wild about them.

This is the finished dining room. I have no furniture for it yet. Waiting to find a good deal on just the right pieces. Notice the ceiling. 

Dining room window, I made the lace curtains and I added the Dresden, gold paper, cornice.

 AFTER: This is the master bed room on the second floor. I still need curtains and some furniture. I bought this little love seat from Nancy's shop. It was red and I re-did it in blue.