Thursday, April 10, 2014

I'm At it Again. There is no treatment, good!

I had these all packed away for safe keeping.
   I have two much time on my hands. I need to get a different hobby. I just can't help myself. What am I supposed to do? These are the statements that I make over and over, when it comes to my antique addiction. And they are all so true.
  Actually most of this newest collection, must have, addiction, has been always setting around. I have just now thought I should man up, build onto and move forward with it.

This one is called,"Luster." Very  had to get the picture right.

   What the HELL am I talking about? My newest collection in the antique world. Hand painted china fruit bowls.These bowls were very popular in Victorian society as wedding gifts. They could be purchased for a small amount and made a very beautiful gift. All homes had a list one. And most of the home makers never used them. They are too nice!!!! They were usually in a prime spot in a china cabinet and there owners were very proud of them. Some home owners kept them locked away, packed to the gills, hoping to keep them from getting chipped or broken. I am glad they felt that way about them as it has preserved them for my generation.
   These bowls are really not, for the most part, hand painted. Most of them are DECALS or TRANSFERS. The trim of the bowl was usually hand painted and some times dew drops and shadows were added by hand after the decal was applied. Gold trim was always done by hand. There were many styles of what you would call blanks. These were made by different companies and each company had there own patterns and trademarks. Decals were designed by artist and sold to companies who transferred them to decals. These bowls were made in many countries, such as, Germany, France, Austria and Prussia . Some were marked on the back,  but many were not. Some of the decals had the artist name on them and that makes them a little more desirable. The RS Prussia ones are usually the most sought after and can be the most pricey. Many years ago when I was a youngin, these bowls could bring a pretty penny. Today they are not thought of as being that valuable and most young people today could care less. I have never bought a bowl because of it's  marking, as much as I have because of it's beauty. There are other collectors that buy only because of the maker.

This one was my Daddy's favorite. It is pretty special.

Another one of my Daddy's. It is so delicate.

One of my favorites. My Daddy found this one also.

   My father had an antique shop many years ago. It was a shock to all of my family. None of knew he even liked dusty old things. One thing he really liked was these hand painted bowls. He used to go to farm auctions and search them out and fight over them with the next bidder. My father never liked to loose, so sometimes he would go overboard to win. I remember when he closed the shop he brought a few of these bowls home with them. They were placed into the china cabinet, for safe keeping, just like most others did. I kept my eyes on them for years. My mother and father divorced after 50 years of marriage. The bowls stayed behind when he left. When my mother died, I asked for them and no one else cared, so they came home with me.

This is one of Ora Bell's, RS Prussia.

Another of Ora Bells. I bought these two for the color, thinking they would go in the dining room. But there is no place to display them.

   I had a dear lady friend. I grew up around her and her children were my age. We went to school together. Ora Bell loved antiques. Maybe that is where some of my collecting comes from. She loved hand painted bowls, especially the RS Prussia ones. She had many, many, many. She also like  white marble top furniture. We used to race to see who had more marble top tables. Ora  Bell never won, really, but I told her a few days before she died that she had passed me up. When she died her two sons asked me to help sale her things. I was thrilled and had a very successful estate sale. I had sold many of these items to Ora Bell from my antique shop. I wanted something to remember her by, sold I bought two of the bowls. Like every body else I took them home and put them in a safe place in the china cabinet.

This beauty has been in the shop for weeks. When I got this latest craz, I brought it home. Glad it was just hanging around.

This beauty was also in the shop. I brought it home last Christmas. Needed something to put strawberries in for a party. It some how never made it's way back into inventory. I guess that is OK, I know the owner!!!!

  When I go to auctions or antique shops today I can not help but be drawn to the hand painted china. Especially the big fruit bowls. If the price is reasonable I usually have to buy it. I put them in the shop and sometimes they even sale. Usually, however, I end up bringing them home. I love them if no one else does.

  These bowls are getting harder and harder to find. I looked on EBAY yesterday and only found a few. The price ranged from $25.00 to $125.00. I was just looking. I usually only strike if the price is really right. The last one I bought at auction sold for $15.00. It seems that the lovers of beautiful old things grows smaller every year.

Don't ya just love these sweet little cabbage roses??

Goose Berries, very rare.No body can have it now.

   I have a plan for my bowl collection. I pulled  these all out the other night. There is a built in shelf in my bed room that could hold something. Who's to say, you can't put hand painted bowls in a bed room? Not me. I need 15, I found 7 just setting around. What will the next one be? Where will it come from? That is the rest of this story. Stay turned for chapter two.

Look at the detail, peach seed and blackberry.

Come by any time for a tour. I always have lights on and Sissy is always at the door with a jump and a kiss. Richard

   PS, Don't tell the rest of my family. They don't understand, but my Daddy did!

Somebody is trying to help me with my habit. They just walked in the door and wanted to sell these. Maybe the add I posted yesterday on Buy Sale and Trade on Facebook had nothing to do with it. make that 9, 6 more to go. Then what????

And your little dog too!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Latest Inspiration

I don't know what has come over me. I have a new collection. It was by accident. Will post more latter. I might need professional help. What do you think? Richard

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Birthday Party was a big success.

Judy, the birthday girl with her cake.

Last night was the Dinner Club Birthday Party at. My Old Historic House. It was a beautiful day. I had to go on a business trip, my friend Nancy and I, left at 6 that morning. She came to the party latter that night. We got back at 3 in the afternoon. I had 12 guest coming at 6:00. I had to scramble. I  had every thing under control, so I thought. I tipped one quiche a little too much putting it into the oven and out it ran, onto the hot oven, making a nice brunt smell. So is life. When I tried to clean it up, I brunt my hand. Not bad, but made it a little hard to do the rest. Being a nervous mess, I kept looking in the oven and testing the quiche, slowing the baking process. They finally did get done and we were able to eat.

I had shut the dining room door and kept my table surprise. When I got the candles lite, water and tea glasses full, I dimmed the chandelier and welcomed my guest.

I had a plumber come the day before the party with a drain problem. When he saw the table, he said, " who's coming to dinner, the Queen of England?" I knew I must have gotten it right.

I forgot to mention the most exciting thing that happened the day before the party. A flower delivery truck pulled up to my shop and brought in this huge, beautiful bundle of flowers. I just thought they were bringing them in because who ever they were for was not at home. They often do that and leave a note. WELL, they were for me. Little ol' me.I worked in a flower shop for years, love flowers, but never have had any sent to me by delivery. What a wonderful surprise. They were from one of my Dearest Blog Friends. She has been a friend of my blog, as well as I of hers, since I started a few years ago. If you have not been by her bog, I would urge you to do it today. I have watched as she has put together her new home from the beginning. She is very talented and amazing. Her blog is. DIVINE THEATER. I still can not believe she sent me all these beautiful jonquils and lilies. They made my table and house so special. It was the crown on my party. Kisses Dear One!!!!!

I made my special cake for the birthday girl. It was a big hit. It is always a favorite. Looks  as good as it taste, There was a slice left and I had it for breakfast. Breakfast of champions. Right?

I went to bed at 12 last night, there was nothing left, I had to stop. I got the worst of the dishes washed and they are all stacked on the kitchen island. I can put them away in the next few days. After all took several days to get them all out. As my old age creeps upon me, these events become harder  and harder. But what would live be with out them? In this day and age where it is much easier and cheaper, to go out that have a party at home, I am glad I am doing my part to help keep the beauty of an elegant party alive and well. After all, what's the use of having a beautiful home if you do not share it.

I hope you enjoyed the party  as much as my other guest did. Please come sometime for a tour, I will always leave the lights on and Sissy is always at the door with a jump and a kiss. You know she was at the party last night, I let her go into the parlor and greet every one and then she went back to her chair in the kitchen, what a perfect little girl. She did sneak under the table, by me, when we were eating. Of course, she got a bite or two handed down. Why not? She was a good girl.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Turn to Host Dinner Club, A walk in the Forsythia

A Walk in the Forsythia 
  A year ago at this time I did another Post about this annual event, Me Hosting Dinner Club. I did a blog about it and you can go back and see that post here: Just type in the search bar:my turn to host dinner club, a vision in pink, my old historic house.
   I am a very lucky guy to belong to this elite group.  All the other members except me, are from the next town up the road, Louisiana,Mo. It is about 9 miles up the river. Most of the people in this wonderful group are couples. The thing they all have in common is that they all live with  in a few blocks, on a hill in Louisiana. We often call them," The Hill Group." One single lady in the group and I are friends. We have antiques in common, as she and I both have shops,aka, small antique malls. I guess I was paired up with Ms. Nancy and that is how I made it into this wonderful group.

Last Years Birthday Party, A Vision in Pink.

   Almost every month we meet to celebrate who ever has a birthday that month. Most often than not, we meet at the home of my friends, Judy and Carl. They are the most generous people I know and they have a very large dining room. Judy loves to cook and she has an amazing collection of table pieces. Once in awhile we go out to eat at a local eatery.Well April is Ms. Judy's Birthday and I did not want her to have to host her own party, so I am stepping up to the plate and having the party at my house.Usually the Host makes the main course and every one else brings a dish. We always have way to much food and it is always amazing.
   It gets harder, year after year, to come up with something to serve. We have had lots of ham, chicken, and pork chops. I know it is not really a dinner dish, maybe unheard of as a main course for a formal dinner, but I am having Quiche. I am having 5 flavors. Cutting them into small servings and letting people choice a couple. I am having sausage,ham and tomato, spinach and bacon, aspargus and bacon and cheese burger.I am also making the Birthday Cake, Chocolate Rum with strawberries and whip cream. My guest are bringing, home made bread and jelly, jello fruit salad, green salad and fried apples. Doesn't it all sound good??

Each  time I set a formal table, I dig out Emily Post Book on Proper Table Settings.

   A few weeks back I sent out, "Save the Date Cards", so everyone would be able to attend.
    Us usual with my working full time, I have to do things in stages. I take several days to set the table. I fist come up with a plan and go from there. The table has to be opened and a couple of leaves added. This is not an easy or pretty sight. I end up doing it in the middle of the night and there is no one to help. It involves me getting on the floor under it and bushing it open with my two arms and two legs. Can't you just picture that. After the leaves are in, I have to gently ram the end of the table into a wall ,to shut it tight. Next there is a table cloth to iron. I got rid of the ironing board many years ago, so I iron the cloth after it is on the table. One has to be careful with the hot iron on the table top. While the iron is out I iron the napkins. I do this with a cutting board, covered in a t towel , on my lap, in front of TV.

Mix and Match Oriental China. There is 4 plates like this.

Four plates like this.

And four plates like this.

The 12 napkin rings all match. like this one. Does any one use napkin rings any more?

 There are 12 of these small plates. They can be used for salad, bread and butter or desert. At this party we will use them for home made breads.

12 butter pats, I am serving home made jelly in these for the party, one by each plate
 There is 12 chargers like this one. I use these with other sets of dishes as well. And they make great party platters. great investement

    We are having a long drawn out winter this year. We had snow only a couple of days ago. There is only a slight sign of spring around here. I do have some jonquils up and 3 have even braved to bloom. I have several others close. Each day I watch them and hope they will make it in time. I did call the florist and they said they could order me some, but they were $2.00 each. Maybe not this time. I did find some bright yellow tulips at the grocery store yesterday. They were 8 in a bunch for $4.95. You know the nearest grocery store is 30 miles, one way, from my house. So I bought the tulips and I have them keeping in the ice box along with my 3, very puny jonquils. One of my favorite spring flowers are the forsythia. To me when they bloom, it really is spring. Well that ain't gona happen, forsythia bloom here in Missouri by April 1st. The local florist  was not even aware that one could buy fresh blooming forsythia, figure that one out? A friend said, maybe you could find some fake forsythia.I just about fainted. FAKE!!! Well after I calmed down, I did have an ideal as to how I might make the fake

Fake Forsythia made by hot glue gunning silk forsythia blooms onto real tree branches.

forsythia work. I had done this once before with cherry blossom for a parade float. Use real bear tree limbs and hot glue the blossoms on at random. It worked then, so I thought it would work now. The next problem was where to find a fake forsythia? One has to realize that I live in the middle of no where. Well the solution was to call my friend Donna, she always everything in her craft room. Sure enough, she had a big fake bush just full of yellow forsythia  blooms. We made a deal and off I went to cut some tree limbs. Not hard to find here as there is not even a tree leave bud in sight, guess why, was 19 degrees yesterday morning! I cut them off and got the old gun gun heated up. After only one burn, they were done. I arranged them in cut class vases. I think they look good, some one has already said, where did you find forsythia blooming already? Yeah, it works. My over all plan is to add the yellow tulips and hopefully some jonquils before the party date of April 1st. If all else fails, I might pick the jonquils and try and force them open with warm water and warmth.My table theme is," A walk in the Forsythia."

Mix and Match blue antique crystal goblets

  The rest of my centerpiece consists of several of my French and German bisque figures. My ideal was a effect that the figures were taking a walk on a spring day, in a garden, full of blooming forsythia.
I have also added several votive candles in pale green and yellow. When the chandelier is dimmed and the candles are aglow, it should make for a magical table.
  Last year I used my  Rose Mead China, it went along with the dinner theme, "A Vision In Pink." The china features large pink cabbage roses. This year I wanted to use something else, so I choose my Oriental Mix and Match China set. I purchased this at Nieman Marcus many, many years ago. There were lots of patterns and pieces to pick from. I ended up with these, buying a few at a time over a period of a couple of years. They set a really pretty and colorful table.Since the china was mix and match, I did the same with the water glasses. I have a collection of color water goblets. They live in the kitchen window, on shelves, were the light can come through. I chose all blue ones for this party and the patterns are mix and matched.

   I seem to be breaking lots of rules with this party. Fake flowers, mix and match china and crystal and Quiche for the main dinner course. Don't tell Emily Post. She's not invited anyhow!
   I hope you enjoy this post and feel like you have been along on this adventure. I know there is a lot of you out there that like table settings. I love them too, but only when I really use them. It is so much work, drag them out, wash them, set them, use them, wash them and put them back away. I guess that is why, so few of us entertain this way any more. Drop by for a tour, I will always leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will greet you with a jump and a kiss. Heck, get a group together, give me a weeks notice and I will throw you a party at My Old Historic House. Richard and Sissy

This is it so far, will more make it in time?

Here's how they look out in the garden.