Monday, March 5, 2012

Please,Have a Chair in the Library.

    It is Monday morning. The sun in trying to shine. We had some snow last night here in Missouri. I just noticed that I have a jonquil blooming in the garden. It was 32 degree yesterday and going to be almost 60 today. No wonder, with this stupid weather, half the country is sick. I have been fighting something for weeks. I am not sure if it  is a sinus something or a cold. What ever it is, I wish it would go away. While I am at  it, what's up with all the new confirmation words on blogger comments. I thought we were through with all that? These are so bad, all messed up, hard to read. I don't like it. I don't even begin to understand what it is for. How can this be security? I say, take them away!!!!! Why make something that is fun, difficult? Now that I have ranted and raved, on with this post.
   Many 19th century Victorian Homes had Library rooms. Most of them were on the second floor and above the dining room. You see, the dining room was considered a man's room. After the evening meal, men would stay behind for a dink and a smoke and tell a few, off colored stories. The library, also considered a man's room, because men would retreat in there to read the paper and  do book work .The Library of a Victorian Home  was kinda like a man cave of today??? Well that's a stretch, but, kinda. True to form, my Library is above the Dining room.

   I have two wonderful antique needlepoint chairs in my Library. Those chairs are the subject of my post today.  I love needlepoint, in fact it is one of my biggest passions. I have it all over the house. I found these chairs and felt they looked very much like a chair that  might have been in and 19th century Victorian Library. The one chair is a real French chair and it has it's original needlepoint. The chair is oak and most likely of the Louis XVI vintage. I found this chair in Chicago. I had it for sale in my shop. I never really wanted to sell it, just like so many other items I buy for sale. maybe that is why ,I am not the most successful antiques dealer? My house does not lend itself to this style of French furniture. But I threw caution to the wind and took it home to try.And, I like it. The needlepoint is wonderful. There is a French court scene with a man and a maiden. The colors are perfect for my room, so it has been there ever since. The second chair is actually an American Rococo Revival chair. it is made of walnut around 1860. The needlepoint is much older, dating back to the early 1800's. One can tel from the type of wool used for the stitches. This needlepoint must have been taken from another piece of furniture, most likely French, and adapted to this chair. I saw this chair in an antique shop window in St.Louis. It was in the evening and the shop was closed. I stopped the car, went to the door and left a note, saying I wanted this chair and please not to sell it to any one else. I knew the shop owner. I had a hard time sleeping that night and first thing the next day, I was off to that shop to get the chair.To my very delight, the chair was only $150.00, so it came home with me. I could not believe the wonderful needlepoint and the colors went so well with the other chair and the Library. Sometimes I get lucky, and this time was one of them.

    Needlepoint seems to last forever. It just does not wear out. It is made on a linen canvas with wool thread. What an invention this was.Needlepoint pieces have been found in the Egyptian Tombs. It has been around as long as man kind. It was once considered a pass time of rich ladies, and has been the pass time lately of almost anyone. Rosie Gear, the famous football player was a passionate needlepointer.  I have in the past done a few pieces of my own.  But,I really love the older so much better.
    I  wish you could come by sometime for a tour and we could set a spell in the library. These chairs really are quite comfortable. I will leave the lights on and I am sure Sissy Dog will jump in the chair with you and give you a big kiss.
   Have a wonderful day. Remember the new issue of Victorian Homes magazine is out and I have a 3 page feature. If you have trouble finding it, I have copies for sale here at the shop. And Oh Yes, get rid of those word confirmations, they just ain't  right.