Thursday, August 30, 2012

ANTIQUES.What is it? Questions and Answers.

   Well, as they say, Bad Pennies Return. I guess that means me. The badest penny of them all. Yesterday I tried to start a new blog. It has been awhile since I did a blog and things have changed on the format. I did my wording, saved it and went to add pictures and I could not find it back??? There used to be this little thing called,"Edit Post."where did it go??? I am not one to give up, so I thought maybe I would just do what I wanted to do on the old blog. So here goes. I hope it works. If it doesn't appear, as it didn't yesterday, I am sorry in advance. I am touched by all my many followers, friends and fellow bloggers, who have sent emails and made comments about missing me, wondering about me and Sissy Dog and just being really nice people. I just wanted you to know, I am grateful and it touched me so much, so I am going to try and do something new. I have to admit, I was a little burned out on blog. So many people sharing the same old stuff over and over, with the same old people, writing the same comments, over and over. "nice","beautiful" and etc. I know when I write that just now, it seems mean. It is only my head talking. Please do not take it personally. I love you all, miss you and wonder what you are up to. I have meet friends in the South, North, East and West. I feel like I know you all personally and I have never meet hardly any of you in person. Yes, a few of us have run into each other. And that makes knowing you even better. I wish I could throw a big party and all of you would and could come. Now that would be blogging at it's finest. I'd do it too, if any of you are interested? Just say the word and we will have a party! But, I digress, back to the story I was trying to tell, before I went off on a Rose from the Golden Girl moment. A new Blog, that was it. I have a new ideal. I felt I have taken, "My Old Historic House", about as far as I can. I am launching a new blog today. It will continue under the title of the old one and with the same blog address. The new blog is all about antiques.A show and tell blog. You send me pictures and questions and I will send you answers and feature your items in the new blog. It would work kinda like this: Email me your pictures and questions. That would make them easier to down load. I will post the answers in the next blog. You might want to know if, the item is real, how old, what pattern, design, period and so on and so forth. I have had a love affair with antiques since I was a child. my mother took me to country auctions and I was allow to bid on one item, that struck my fancy. The amount I could bid was $5.00. I had to pick the item I wanted most and try and get it, for $5.00 or less. It taught me about antiques, auctions, budgeting and decision making. As I look back on this experience, i realize, I had a really great MOM!. RIP.

     Victorian is my favorite in the antique world. Queen Victoria went to the throne of England in 1831 and she reigned there till 1901. All these years were known as Victorian. I love all things Victorian and I have been studying them, buying them, selling the, writing about them, most of my adult life. I have piles of research books from that period. So I say, if you have questions about Victorian Antiques, bring them on. While Victorian is my first love ,it is far from the only area of which I can take questions. I will be glad to answer any ones questions about any period or style. China, glass, fine porcelain,furniture, lighting, textiles or what ever. If I do not know the answer, I'll do the research. Country or formal. I'll dealt with them all. I hope I find some interested followers. I hope you all have some fun questions to ask me and better yet I hope I can answer them. here is my email address. Send your questions and photos right away. let's get this game a going.
     You don't have to feel like you need to send me a picture. I was hoping I would get real questions and from people who really want to know. I will be glad for any and all.
      For those of you who have been with me for awhile and know about,My Old Historic House. the little town I live in, Clarksville,Mo. has a new web site. It is really good and it features my house, so you might want to check it out. Here is the site address. Then go to attractions. Also features my new antique mall, listed under antiques. Down Town Antique mall. If you have the time you will be glad you checked this out. Be sure and see all the views of my old historic house. In closing, just wanted to let you know that Sissy Dog is doing wonderful. She is the sweetest, loving, little beagle girl a person could have. She is with me at the store and all the customers love her too. She makes my life a whole lot better. A lot of you all had asked about her and she sends big wet doggy kisses your way.