Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ruby Red!

My Father was a manly man. he was over 6 foot tall and very handsome. He worked hard on the farm and always had a dark tan in the summer. He  hunted, deer, rabbits, quail,  ducks and etc. etc. He threw hay bails, cut down trees and could turn a cow down with his bare hands. As manly as he was, he liked antiques. One thing that got his attention was ruby red glass ware.

My father would often go house to house, farm to farm, to  buy cattle and hogs. He also bought walnut, oak and other types of trees. It was always amazing to me, how he would know what to offer someone for these things and know what they would sell for. He made money from them and never really touched them. he also asked if these people had any old stuff they wanted to sell. I guess in a way, he was the original American Picker. Some of that has rubbed off on me. One thing he liked to buy was ruby red glass. I got a lot of these pieces from his estate.

This glass was popular in the last part of the 1800's and early part of the 1900's. It is what they call flash, that means the red is painted on and fired. The glass is also known as press glass, which means, it was blown into a mold, which pressed  the pattern into it. This glass was often sold at fairs, and peoples names were etched into the red part of the glass. A lot of towns and cities, as well as states ,  sold  glass  with      there name etched on it as well. People brought it home  to remember there trip.

I look for pieces when I am lot and about today. Sometimes people will give me a piece as well. Most of my collection is in the china pantry in the dinning room. One day while setting in the kitchen I thought it would look nice above the door, where the light from the transom will make it shine. So I added a shelf and there you are.

Some times I use all the ruby red glass on my table for a party. it is really fun for Valentines or Christmas I add votive candles to some pieces and fresh flowers to others. I use others to serve drinks, salads and so forth. I really enjoy using my things and it is fun to do different table scapes
 with different themes. Next    time I use the Ruby I will have to remember to take pictures.

Buddy Boy likes to take Selfies, so I'm sending a few along. Come see us anytime. We will always leave a light on and I might even set the table with   the Ruby, and we can have a mess of      smething to eat,.


Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

I love the story about your father. He obviously had an appreciation for the finer things. It so nice that you have pieces of his collection. A neighbor of mine was a realtor and often had a chance to buy antiques from estates before things went up for sale. As a child it was my first experience to seeing antiques and how people used them in their home. As an adult I think back about some of the really great things he had and wonder what happened to them. I like where you put the new shelf and how the sun will gleam through the glassware now! Cute pictures of your pup!

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Well Hi Richard, good to hear from you! Your ruby flash is gorgeous, especially those pitchers! I really like it where you have in, on the shelf in front of the transom. They are very beautiful with light shining through the ruby color.
Buddy looks like he is quite content and so photogenic! :)
Take care! Sending hugs!

maria13corvette said...

What a wonderful and informtive story. Yes your dad had a vision and what beautiful pieces. I had admired them before they were in the backround in one of our postings but was not clear because the focus of the picture was on something else. I too love this glass, currently came upon 8 glasses they are cranberry with clear glass and have thump like prints on them, but they are very nice. thank you for your knowledge and the sharing of your new friend. Always look forward to your posts. Maria

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Beautiful collection of flash glass! Buddy is so handsome! Twyla

Curtains in My Tree said...

I'm hungry right now Richard so think I'll take you up on coming over to eat something LOL

I have always like those old pieces where someone's name is scratched on them, I have a few small pieces.

I bet your Dad was a good lookin man since you always was good looking

I would love to come over and spend the day with you


Buddy Boy is too cute, has he settled in and acts like he's home?

Sissysmom said...

Hi Richard - I love that you use your transoms for display. My Grandmother used to do that with hers, and I've always wanted a house with transoms so I could do that too.
I love your ruby flash pieces and how wonderful that they are from your father. I only have one piece and it is from St. Clair glass, made in the 1970's for the glass festival in Elwood, Indiana which is my home town.
Buddy Boy sure is photogenic no wonder he loves selfies! Looks like he is settling in to his new home just fine!
Take care! Michele