Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Easter is not that far away, are you ready?

I love Easter. It is the first party of Spring. I think we are all ready after a long, cold, hard, winter. There is nothing more fun than Bunnies, chicks and bright colored eggs and Spring Flowers.

It is one time of the year when the child of you can come out, one does not have to be so serious about the decorations. I just adore little fun bunnies, chicks and other  fun things  that we all associate with the Easter Holiday.

I know none of this has to do with the true meaning of the Easter Holiday, but sometimes we just have to let the little kid come out. What better way to do this, than with fun Easter decorations. they need not be expensive. I have no problem shopping for these fun things at second hand, antique and thrift shops. makes it even more special.

If one does not spend a bundle on the decorations, makes it easier to add      new ones or replace them all, year after year. One of my favorite things to do is, have an Easter brunch and send the cute  little decorations home with my guest. Another favorite is to buy cheap, real candy, Bunnies, at the Dollar Store, use them for decorations and then send them home with my guest for a door prize treats. You'll be a real hero and loved and adored.

I made this fun hanging lamp for the shop window. I used and old lamp shade, some rose chintz and some vintage linen napkins. A glue gun made the project go fast and was very easy to do.

I wanted the store window to be Spring, not just Easter, so this is what I came up with.

This is my favorite Bunny. Hand made of burlap and velvet. Ain't he just the cutest.

Not to be out done by the burlap Bunny, these two are made from  recycled blue jeans.


Last week while I was at work at the antique mall, during a snow storm, I thought about Easter, so I got busy and did the window and a couple of other Easter displays. Looking around the mall I found neat and fun items in several booths. I think the results are cute and whimsy.



So cute, so cute, adorable bunnies! Yes, they bring in the child in us. What a happy, whimsy and lovely post my friend. Specially to see you back with us. Hope all is well with you and Sissy Dog and the old house.

Teresa Schubert said...

I agree whole heartedly that a little whimsy is needed right about now! The store looks very spring indeed!! Love the idea of sending home decorations or candy with guests, I think I'll borrow it;-) Hope all is well with you and Buddy- Happy Spring Almost!
sugar, spice and whatever's nice

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

The burlap bunny reminds me of Mr Bunny Rabbit from Captain Kangaroo!
I love it when stores take the time to decorate in themes..makes me more adapt to buy something for sure. We are suppose to have snow tonight so ready for spring! Hope Buddy is doing well!

Miss Kim said...

What a beautiful post with so many lovely things to look at! You've made me at least think about Easter :)

Curtains in My Tree said...

It's all very Easterly

I think the entire USA is looking forward to Easter and Spring

Glad your posting more Richard

Lottie said...

Love the idea of sending Easter decorations or candy home with guests! Looking for 6 inches of snow tonight!

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hi Richard,
How fun to see your Spring store front displays. I didn't see any blown glass eggs! He, he! I know, I know you don't sell any of those. I just bought another one yesterday.
I just watched, again, Illinois Stories featuring your beautiful home! I can and do watch that over and over. Love it!
Hope all is well with you. I'm going to ask Janice if she is available during Spring break to come and visit you and Buddy. We'll let you know. :)
Sending hugs!

Sissysmom said...

The store looks so cute! Hope you and Buddy Boy are enjoying being together.

BeachGypsy said...

little Buddy Boy is a sweetheart, so glad you have a new friend! Havent been by in awhile, stopped by to see if you'd posted anything new....this post is very 'spring-y' for sure! It was in the high 70s here today! I noticed on a previous post some type of wall shelf/hanging thing with lots of little cows hanging on it? I just started collecting cow creamers...so fun! and was wondering if that is what you have on your wall in that room? and if so...would you do a post and closer pictures of them? thanks

lvroftiques said...

I'm loving that burlap bunny too Richard!

Pamela Gordon said...

A nice collection of bunnies! I have the same one as the one in the centre of the display with the broken ears. :)