Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Deck The Halls With Batter Operated Lights.

    It has been a long time since I did a new Blog Post. Maybe June? I just have been out of the moood. I have gotten several comments lately from other bloggers saying they missed my blog post, so I am trying to get back into it a little. I am not promising anything, but a least I will do this one. I am not decorating for Christmas this year because I am going to be out of town. I am spending a few days with my favorite Niece, we are going to shop, cook, eat and re-arrange her house. I am excited to be doing something a little different, for a change.

I am a good  person to buy toys. I don't mean real toys, but things  I like to play with. I was in the Dollar Store getting some Dog food, for Ms. Sissy Dog, and I could not resist going through the Christmas Decoration section. I don't know why, except, I just couldn't help myself. I found these fun little LED batter operated Lights. I bought several sets. I thought they were fun and new. Since then I have been told they have been around for awhile. What can I say. I am slow and behind times. I don't use electric lights at Christmas at my house. I try to do a 19th Century Christmas and use only candles. M

Here is how they come. They cost  a whole $3.00 a set and take 2 AA batteries. They cost another $3.00, funny isn't it. They come in color  or clear. The color ones are very pretty and bright.

  I don't have to use these lights only for Christmas. I think they would be fun for other times of the year as well. I really didn't do them up proper, as I am lazy. I just kinda draped them here and there for the effect. I could do a much better job and hide the wires with greenery, tinsel or ribbon.
 I think they would be fun on My Doll House, maybe next year!
Next year, if I really decorate, I promise to do better. I can just think of all kind of fun things to do with them. I am going to hook a set to Sissy Dogs Collar Christmas and I will send a picture of that latter.

I really like the colored ones. The colors are very intense. I will turn these on during the season as I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. This is my kitchen mantle with all the English Staffordshire  figures.

I like the clear lights in my Italian Tin Flower Urns. They are 18th century and were used for funerals and a on church alters when fresh flowers were no available. They are some of my favorite things. I hope a few of you stop by and please leave a comment so I will know that you did, Let me know so I can see if I should start this up again. I have been looking at your blogs and promise to keep it up and get back in the habit of leaving comments soon. Merry Christmas to all of you and I look forward to hearing from you all soon. Please come any time, I will leave the Battery Operated lights on and Sissy Dog will always meet you with a jump and a kiss. 


Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

YAY, YAY, YAY, YAY Richard, you did it!!! I am so excited to see this post! You are so cute with your battery operated lights, I can tell you have had fun with them. They do look very festive and add a special effect. I'm sure sweet little Sissy dog will like wearing them! :)
Everything looks beautiful as always and I look forward to seeing more! You have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy spending time with your niece.
Sending hugs,

sue in mexico mo said...

Good to see you back! Merry Christmas!

Maria said...

Richard, I have trully missed your posts, so what did I do while you were gone? visit all of your old posts! I'm so happy you are back and I hope you spend a splendid Christmas with your family and Sissy dog. I decorated a whole room for Christmas in pink and greens with lots of glitter. Looks fabulous. Take care Maria

Maria said...

Oh and one more thing, can you give us an update on your friends Haines and Marilyn Moss, you did a wonderful Christmas Blog on their home one year. Outstanding

Unknown said...

We all missed you! I must've gone to your blog once a week for all these months hoping you'd be back. We were worried! Glad to see the post! Happy holidays to you and Sissy Dog!

Sissysmom said...

So good to see a new blog post Richard!!! I miss your writing....I learn so much!! A change at Christmas is good every now and then. Enjoy your time with your niece. A just think you don't have to put away all those Christmas decorations! I've down scaled my decorations this year since I only have two days off of work....normally I take two weeks.
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and hope to see more post in the new year!!!!! Give Sissy dog pat on the head from me.

Lottie said...

Oh Richard! So glad to read your post today! You were very much missed! Hope you have a grand time with your niece!

Look forward to more of your posts in the new year! Please stay connected! Funny how one can shine a light in the world with just battery lights!


bfish said...

Thanks for posting this update -- I really miss your more regular blogging in the past and have learned so much about Victorian era decorating and life from you.

Do you still offer (paid) tours of your home? (I'm talking about in the spring, not now!).