Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What's New?

    I have made a few changes around, My Old Historic House. I have gotten a few new things and wanted to share them with you all. Sometimes I wonder when, enough is enough? I have often said there can never be too much stuff in a room, but now, I am starting to question that theory.I have been an antique collector for a very long time and an antique collector never seems to stop collecting. I have had to put a damper on it as of late because there never seems to be enough money in the budget for it. The golden years are not always what they are cracked up to be. I have a very expensive house to keep up. There is always something wrong with it, being 168 years old, adds to that. The utility bills are not cheap and it never is really comfortable. Cold in winter and warm in summer. I am not really complaining, as I love the old place and am so grateful to have it. I might not mind in a few more years, to turn it over to some body else's charge. But I digress and get back to my story.

Old blue paint, small child's sled.

   I got a couple of new things for Christmas. I come from a very large family. I have five  brothers and one sister. My Parents and Grandparents are all gone.  All my siblings are married and have children, grandchildren and great's. I could go on for ever. The thing is, we can not possibly give all of us presents. We used to draw names, but a few years back we stopped that. So very few presents are given or gotten by me. I am OK with that as it makes the holidays so much less stressful. I do have a favorite Niece. We are very close. She helps me with the house and I help her with hers. We have an old tradition where we go shopping on Christmas Eve, I buy her something she wants and she buys me something I want. We don't really consider them Christmas presents, more or less, just presents. We went shopping this year and then I spent the next two nights with her and her husband in there 1829 farm house. I picked out and old blue painted sled for my gift and she picked out a set of canisters with blue windmills on them. We were both pleased as punch. My problem was where to put it? I did not want to just use it at Christmas. It took some moving about, but I have found an OK spot for now. One of my

I love, love,love this pottery.

Color looks pretty with this lamp

What kind of animal is this? Love the colors here in the library.
dealers, here at the antique mall, surprised me with 2 gifts. I was over whelmed and very surprised. I love old brown Bennington pottery . She has seen my collection many times when she comes to the house. She brought me the most divine pitcher and bowl sets. I usually keep the brown in the laundry room, but wanted this to be more special, so I placed it in the library beside a brown lamp. The same sweet lady also gave me a deer head. Well I am not sure it is a deer? I have a deer head already in the library. Wanting the library to look a little more manly, I had a desire for more heads. She had this one, left over from a divorce, so now it has a spot of honor. I used to collect antique hand made quilts. I had many. Sometime long ago I sold them off. I love them and long for them when I see them at shops and auctions. I bought two the other day.

My new quilts, perfect colors for my kitchen.

 They should be inventory for the shop, but for now, they are spending some time in my kitchen.I had this wonderful old birdcage on the outside porch. The weather was starting to take it tole on it. I thought I should bring it inside before it was destroyed. To me the only place for it was the kitchen. After much debate it ended up there on the wall above the door. Even though it covers a transom, the light can still come in. The jury is still out as to where it might end up.

Don't you think this wonderful old bird cage is too good to leave out side to rot?

One other thing that is new, is a small basket. One could say, really, how would you tell? You see I have so many. This one is so special and so very rare. It is small and made to hold a plate. It would have been designed and used to carry food some where. Like to the field for a worker or to a church carry in dinner. I have never seen another, only in books. I was so thrilled to find it for $5.50 at a thrift shop. Treasures do not have to cost a lot, be of great importance. They just have to make me happy. Getting new things always has done that. I love to shop and collect. It is in your blood and I am not sure there is a cure. The only one I seem to find that half way works is, no money.

This is my hand made, rare, plate basket.

  I threw in a picture of a collection of drinking goblets. I got these this summer from a dear friend. They had belonged to his mother. She was a collector like me. I found a spot for them in the kitchen. Poor kitchen it is becoming a catch all. I did a post of them at the time, but in case you missed it, here they are. Also new in the kitchen is a couple of old, old things. A man and women brought a box full of old goodies in to sell me one day. I bought them and because I loved them so much, kept a few for
Hand made old, old, tin lantern.

Tea for Two.

Popcorn popper and Ms. Sissy

myself. The small iron tea kettle is divine. The old pop corn popper would have been used in a fireplace. And the hand made lantern is so cute. They all ended up on the kitchen fireplace.
  I am going to close for now. Probably have rumbled on to long . I don't think people really read the blogs, just look at the pictures. So I am going to throw in a joke and see if  it gets mentioned. "MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB,THE DOCTOR JUST ABOUT DIED."

   Happy New Year everyone. Be safe, be warm and be happy. Come by anytime for a real tour. I will always leave the lights on and Sissy dog will meet you at the door with a jump and a kiss.



Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Happy New Year Richard! I'll have you know that I read every word you write and always look forward to your posts! And your joke was awful! :)
Love all your new stuff, especially that head, I like where you put it. Where there's a will and imagination there will always be a place to put stuff, huh?
Take care,

Lee said...

You are too funny!
Enjoy your things~ many of us are envious!
Happy New Year!

Amy said...

What great finds/gifts!
And ha ha on your joke! :)
Best wishes for the new year!

Constance said...

I love your pictures and I expect that Dr. was shocked. Everything is so beautiful and the quilts are just precious. The birdcage is my favorite and yes yes I am so glad you brought it in. I'm completely in love with your kitchen. If I ever get out that way I plan to come for a tour. Miss Sissy is a treasure too.

Take care,

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

I come from a family of six girls and one boy, so the exact opposite of yours!

Many, many years ago we too abandoned the idea of all that gift giving as it was too expensive and time consuming to deal with and began the process of drawing names. Then even that became too expensive for some of us, so we now draw names for "stockings" with a $50 limit.

We also have a yearly tradition of 'gag gift' exchange, mostly whatever silly thing we find over the year and then we have a little 'white elephant' game we play with it. Turns out we look forward to that more than the stockings.

It's the getting together of family that's important. Throw in a good movie and/or board games and it's just as much fun as the old days of opening scores of presents!

Hope your holidays were wonderful and wishing you a fabulous New Year!

Pamela Gordon said...

HI Richard. I really enjoyed this post and all the new things you've gotten over the Christmas season. The deer head on the wall is a prong horn deer. I follow a blogger that posted a photo of some the other day. The Bennington Pottery was mentioned in an article in the newest Country Living Magazine. I love the basket with the handle and all your other baskets. The quilts are gorgeous and sure add a pop of colour in the winter. My mother had a popcorn basket like that. I wonder where it ended up? Happy New Year to you! Pamela

maria13corvette said...

Hi Richard Happy New Year! Boy Mary either was the lamb's mothers name or Mary was in pain when she had the lamb. Anyways love your posts, every word, picture and comments. Quilts are fabulous. A BIG HIT your postings, Thank you for all you share! I love it Maria

Ivy and Elephants said...

Happiest New Year Richard! Your neice must be a total doll. You are both blessed to have each other.


debchester said...

This post was fun. I am delighted by your new treasures. What lovely things, and as I, too, have the collector's bug all I can say is "Good for you!" When my older friends start mumbling about simplifying and getting rid of stuff, I want to say, "No! Don't do it! Enjoy what you have!"

Anyway, I always read your blogs because you're so interesting and creative and knowledgeable. I love the birdcage across the window!

And your new taxidermy head is a prong horn antelope.


Sissysmom said...

I'm sure the Doctor is still in rehab after such a shock.

Lottie said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! How funny! What a wonderful post, Richard! Thank you for sharing your treasures with all of us!

Bohemian said...

I too always thought too much was never enough *winks*... but in this Season of Life I'm right there with you on pondering that Mantra and Simplifying Life more. Or at least MY version of Simplifying. *LOL* I doubt that I ever will be a Minimalist, too much Lovely Stuff out there and my Urge to Rescue and Possess the Wonderful! But I'm striving not to be so much of a Maximalist anymore either and strike a healthier balance so that it's not so much Work to Care for. Passing it along to others who Appreciate it has been as much of a Thrill to me actually as the Thrill of the Hunt was to procure it all. Does that mean I'm NOT a Hoarder after all? *Whew... Ha ha ha* Enjoy what you have my Dear Richard for as long as it is meant to be yours... then I'm quite certain you will find it the Perfect New Home to be Adopted into. And yes, Old Homes are indeed a Labor of Love, but oh so worth it!

Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Curtains in My Tree said...

Richard I read every word of all your posts and I am sure when Mary had her little lamb her and the doctor fainted LOL
love all your new treasures, it would be hard not to buy old things that people brings in for you to decide if you want to buy them or not. Love all 3 items
And of course the old quilt look lovely in the kitchen, I love your kitchen and how you have your TV hid in the kitchen island.
Glad you brought in the bird cage, it looks right at home above the door
The antelope head does look manly in your library i'm sure
maybe i'll make it back over this year for another visit of the mansion and you & Sissy

Divine Theatre said...

Blogger hates me today! I have tried to post four times! Maybe the fifth time is the charm!
I love the birdcage above the door. You inspired me to do something similar! :)
People sure do love you, Richard! You are such a kind, loving soul!
I PROMISE to come visit this Spring!
WE'll have lamb for dinner! :)


Kisses to Sissy Girl!


The Dutchess said...

Ow..this is all soooo lovely !

Greets and happy weekend :)


tracy said...

Hi Richard...I'm new to your blog, I've just spent the last hour reading, and yes looking at the all photos of your gorgeous home and all the beautiful objects you have.
I love every post you have written...wish there were more blogs like yours....

I and my hubby are taking steps to purchasing a historic house, spring is our due date...then I too will start a blog on our home.
We are from Canada, and in my research it. seems Americans are much more open to living in historic house, it's almost unheard of here...
I and hubby are in our early 50s, so we are starting out a little late on this adventure, but I can hardly wait...I just love old things!

Love your blog...

mississippi artist said...

A lamb indeed! LOL. I used to say too much is never too much-but lately I feel the need to declutter. I think that is because I am stuck inside looking at the same stuff every day. I bet when spring comes and I get out and about again I will change my mind.!I love all of your new stuff! Kiss Sissy for me.

Marlynne said...

Good for you still having fun collecting! Your new(old) additions are lovely and placed perfectly! Yes I read the blogs and look at the pictures! I guess that would be too much for the doctor and Mary too!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Richard I have an idea
Why don't you have a blogger party, invite all your readers over for a day of touring the mansion and shopping the shop? That way we could all meet each other at your place?
We could make it a day in Clarksville Missouri. However wait till it warms up LOl
xoxox Janice

Bama Planter said...

Thanks for checking up on me. We missed school Tues Wed Thurs and will go in at 10 tomorrow. Roads ice over here under the snow so no one can drive on that. I stayed inside and lived on sausage and eggs and coffee. I appreciate all your comments on my blog as I have very few followers! This storm came in so quickly. At age 57 it will probably be the last snow I will ever have to live through as it only happens about every 20 years. Marshel Thanks again for your kindness!!!!

victorian parlor II said...

In a Victorian house you can never have to much! Love the quilts and all the pics:).



Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Hi! Fun that you stopped by! Yes there's the science of white, and then there's decorating with white. As you say, it's safe. Must be another reason I love it! haha! I hope you're cozy and safe too!